Monday, March 6, 2017

This weekend was pretty blah, especially when it comes to blogging about it but man, I was productive! Stephen had to work the whole weekend so I ended up checking off some pretty big things from my to-do list which feels amazing. I always hate it when he works but I love how productive I am when he's gone ;)

First off, I had to laugh because we had girls night on Thursday with some girls from the church and one of them brought henna. She is Indian and does this for various events - she's really good. It was so much fun getting my first henna tattoo - I'm still thrown off when I see it on my arm.

Mine is the circle one in the bottom right corner

Friday after work, I met up with my two BIL's and my SIL to celebrate my SIL's birthday. Unfortunately, Stephen couldn't make it because of work but we had a great time catching up. We ate at the new Whalburgers restaurant which was delicious then finished the night with bowling. I had to laugh when I got home because I noticed a lot of people seemed to go bowling on Friday on Snapchat.

Saturday, I slept in quite late then got ready and ran some errands. It was so nice, I took my time shopping and stayed out for quite some time - unfortunately, I didn't get much. If you saw on Snapchat, Stephen did approve my pineapple painting I picked up from Homegoods - I'll share that once we get it hung up. Once I got home, I got to work on finally painting our corn hole set we made at Christmas. I got the first coats done before ironing and making dinner while waiting on Stephen to come home. We went to bed pretty early Saturday night since Stephen was so tired from a long day of work.

Sunday Stephen had to go back into work so I got up with him and was able to accomplish so much in the morning. I ironed, listened to a sermon online, got a small workout in, finished 2 orders, did the laundry, vacuumed and finished up our corn hole boards. I was happy that Stephen got home late afternoon instead of late that night so he helped me paint the corn hole boards and we finally got to spend some time together. We love how the boards turned out and are so glad they're finally done!

Matching mother daughter hats

I'll get a better picture once they're dried

Like I said, it was a pretty boring weekend but so necessary and rewarding! I'll be off blogging for a little while after this - we're going to Charleston on Thursday for a wedding (send any recommendations my way!) and then the following Monday, I'm off to Louisiana for a business trip.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Linking up with Biana.


  1. You did have a productive weekend!! Hate that Stephen had to work all weekend, but glad y'all got some time together Sunday afternoon!! I am always sooo productive when Matthew is working on the weekend, too lol. During his busy season our house is always so clean and organized LOL. Love the henna tattoos! And I love your corn hole boards!! You are motivating me to finish ours...that we got for our wedding LOL. Definitely need to finish them soon.

  2. That tote is just precious! I love it!

  3. The tots at Whalburgers are my favorite!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Oh I love the tots at Wahlburgers! So yummie. Ok, now I have to go there and stat!

  5. Sounds like a pretty good weekend..
    and so productive..
    enjoy your trips.

  6. You did have a productive weekend! Sometimes you just need a weekend like that to feel "caught up"... I'm hoping that is how my upcoming weekend will be! I love the corn hole boards!

  7. Love the hats and totes of course! Enjoy Charleston and snap me constantly so I can be uber jealous hahaha muah!!