Monday, September 26, 2016

Before I get started with our weekend, I wanted to thank everyone for the excitement and well wishes about my new business! This community is such an encouragement and a huge blessing - thank you!
This weekend was a blast!! Friday night, the younger couples from our church got together at a local brewery. The brewery was so neat - it was decorated with a really cool rustic-chic vibe. It was fun getting to know some of the younger people at our church.

Since it is almost October, I had to dress a little more fall-y yet still deal with 90 degree temps

Saturday, we celebrated one of our friend's birthdays with a trip to the springs! We got there super early but it was well worth it since we were guaranteed admission. We had so much fun and ended up staying until about 3pm! The water was freezing but it was so relaxing floating down the river - we even saw a handful of manatees and swam with 2 of them! 

After the springs, we drove back to their apartment for dinner and video games (well, the boys played video games and the girls made dinner ;)). We had such a fun time! Side note: our buddy's lifeproof case did NOT work and get water in his phone :(

After a relaxing day on Saturday, Sunday proved to be busy as can be! We did the usual - church and Publix but after lunch, we ran over to Lowes to pick up new blinds! So far, we have 3 out of 7 windows done - of course the blind cutting machine was out of order so we have to go back and get 2 sets cut. Also, they didn't have blinds wide enough to fit our 2 front windows so I'm thinking of ordering those off Blindster. I also tried to make homemade humus and it turned out pretty good! I'll share the recipe either this week or next week :) 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm going to need to start baking pumpkin things this week ;)

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  1. Love that outfit you wore! So cute!!! Glad you had a good weekend!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend with friends!! And I agree, I love your outfit!

  3. So fun and I second Brittany- adore your Friday outfit!! Also, I cannot wait to order something from you!!

  4. Sounds like so many fun things! Our weekend was pretty similar with one day busy with errands, one enjoying!

  5. Congratulations on your side business! That is so exciting! I too like your outfit!

  6. Please do share your hummus recipe, I want to show it to my mom, she likes hummus a lot. I would love to swim with manatees...I read about how many of them are injured by boats...poor things...

  7. I feel ya on wanting to look fall, but still dealing with the heat!!! And I'm excited for your hummus recipe!