A Day in the Life

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I finally remembered to do "A Day in the Life" post and I have to say, I'm very proud of myself for remembering to document the whole day. I originally wanted to do Monday, May 9 but forgot so I ended up documenting Wednesday May 11 which was perfect because I had lots of meetings at work that day :)

5:30 am: Time to wake up but today, Stephen and I slept until 5:45 am (those extra 15 minutes do wonders lol) I usually keep sleeping on and off while Stephen showers and gets ready. Once he's done, we pray, I read my daily devotion after he leaves and then I browse social media while debating when I want to get out of bed

6:20 am: I've finally drug myself out of bed to get ready for the day. 

7:10 am: I'm finally ready for work and head out to the kitchen to get my lunch and breakfast. I usually leave at 7 am but since school is out, there's no traffic

I've gotten in the habit of making a blueberry detox smoothie every morning before work and then I get my lunch out of the fridge and I'm out the door.

8:15 am: I get to Orlando and realize I forgot to get gum from home. I ALWAYS have to have gum so I head to the gas station to pick some up before heading in

8:25 am: I make it to work with gum in tow :)

8:45 am: It usually takes a few minutes to get settled and my computer going for the day (we have the slowest starting computers) I also use the morning to chit chat with a few co-workers, get water and ready myself for the day ahead. 

10:30 am: At this point, I've already had one meeting and my second one is a telecon. After my meeting, I get some other work done before lunch

11:45 am: On Mondays and Wednesdays, I go workout with a handful of girls from work. I love working out with them and it's so nice to get away from my desk and be active. Our office has a mile long trail and an area where we bring our yoga mats and do abs or legs.

1:00 pm: Workout is done, I feel like I stink and it's time for lunch! I get some more work done while eating and gear up for 2 more meetings

1:30 pm: My first meeting starts - this one was with a colleague from Germany and then we head to another meeting with the graphics department to review some videos and brochures we're working on

4:30 pm: My day is done at work!! It was a long, but very productive day and I'm ready to go home and shower after getting gross from the workout

5:30 pm: The drive was a struggle but I made it home and am completely exhausted. I get the mail and then lay down to check social media while telling myself if I take a nap, I will regret it in a few hours. (This is also where I failed on getting a picture of coming home lol)

6:30 pm: I've finally convinced myself to get up and shower so I can get some things done before Stephen gets home. I needed to finish an order for a birthday party this weekend so I get going on 3 bath towels

I'm starting to wonder if it's operator error or if my machine isn't that good since a needle broke while going over previous thread... it's supposed to be able to do this without breaking...

7:45 pm: Stephen's finally home and finishing up his daily report. I begin unloading the dishwasher while Stephen gets cleaned up for dinner.

8:15 pm: We finally sit down for dinner. I hate that we eat so late but with Stephen's busy schedule, it is what it is... After dinner I make our lunches for the next day

8:55 pm: We finally sit down and watch an episode of LOST before getting ready for bed

10:00 pm: Lights off! We usually like to go to bed around 9:30 pm but as long as it's not later than 10 pm we're good :)

Phew!! If you made it through this post, congrats!! It'll definitely be interesting to see how things change in the future and especially once we have kids!

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  1. I love reading Day in the Life posts--they are some of my favorites! Have a great Thursday!

  2. These posts are SO fun!!!!! You are a busy lady! I'm so jealous you and your coworkers get to have a workout mid day!!!!! I would LOVE to do that....we just have a parking lot to walk around in (and try not to get ran over in lol). We wake up at 5:30 too, and I always doze in and out while Matthew showers and gets ready each morning lol!

  3. Look at you go! i'd say you have a healthy, happy, productive day most days!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away