Pizza Night

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday night some girls from work got together for a girls pizza night. We usually try to get together every once and a while and they're always a blast. Friday night proved no different. It's great to get together with everyone after work hours and really spend time getting to know one another. It's such a blessing to work with women who have become my friends and not just coworkers (who would've thought this would happen in an engineering company?)

We decided to get fresh pizza dough from Publix and pile on an array of different ingredients. One of the girls made some homemade garlic bread and another brought delicious cream cheese/oreo truffles.

Our hostess and her beautiful house

Sauteing mushrooms & onions

This pizza had a pesto base with pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, wet mozzarella, dry mozzarella & goat cheese

This pizza had a tomato sauce base with lots of veggies and dry mozzarella

Some of the lovely ladies

Everything was delicious and the oreo truffles were the perfect follow-up to pizza. I'm looking forward to another great night filled with eating and chatting!

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