Five on Friday

Friday, March 3, 2017

First and foremost, I have to say Happy March!! I love the month of March, I just feel like it kicks off all things bright and colorful and the cold is gone from Florida (it's actually been quite hot lately).

Anyways, I'm pleased to say that I jumped on the egg roll in a bowl bandwagon and I'm not looking back. It's an easy dinner that's healthy (I replaced the pork with ground turkey and used broccoli slaw) and there's a few different ways you can eat it! We ate it by itself earlier this week but I think next time I want to add lettuce wraps - y'all, so good :)

Another health-food related item, I tried avocado toast for the first time yesterday and I liked it! Honestly, I'm shocked I liked it lol I'm not a huge avocado fan but the 2 I bought this past week were actually ripe when I used them which I'm sure adds to it but it was so delicious! I topped mine with turkey bacon but I think I'd love to add a fried egg as well and eat it like an egg sandwich.

I found this fun graphic on pinterest with different ways to make avocado toast - I can't wait to try more combos. Please share ways you like to eat yours!

I went into Style Encore the other day to sell some clothes and walked out with a new dress. I absolutely adore the button up dresses that are flowy on the bottom and this one fit perfectly! I cannot wait to wear it in Charleston next week :)

I bought it consignment but it still tags that said it was from Marshall's (I found it online at eBay)

I saw two bloggers talk about the new Kristin Ess collection at Target and I'm now intrigued... this beach-hair spray caught my eye and I'd love to know if anyone else has tried it before. With summer on it's way, I'd love to achieve the beach wave look but I'm not sure if my hair thinks the same

I'm excited because tonight, we are celebrating my SIL's birthday! We're hanging out at our old college stomping grounds, getting pizza and hitting the trampoline park. I'm so excited to see them again - it's been since Christmas.

I'm so thankful that not only is Lauren my sister, she is my friend :) Happiest of Birthdays!!


  1. I put the ingredients on for the Egg Roll in a Bowl on this week's grocery list after I saw your post, and I can't wait to try it! :) Happy Friday!

  2. Egg roll in a bowl looks sooo yummy!! Love that dress too!

  3. I need to try the egg roll bowls! LOVE that dress on you. Remind me to send you a link to a solid white shirtdress like that I think you will love! I'm going to order it soon because it's perfect for spring/summer.

  4. That dress is so darling on you! Great find.

  5. Mmm the egg roll in a bowl sounds delicious - we do a similar meal but with everything separate - definitely mixing it all up next time!

  6. That egg roll in a bowl looks sooo good! And I'll have to pin that avocado toast cheat sheet... yum! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. I LOVE egg roll in a bowl..that's such a good idea to add lettuce wraps!!

  8. That dress looks so cute on you. Ooo I like the look of those toast recipes. Avocado and turkey bacon are two things I have in the fridge right now, so I'm going to give that a try ;)