Weekending at Disney

Monday, March 27, 2017

We had the absolute best weekend together. Stephen finally had off of work (he was off last weekend but we had so much to catch up on we didn't do anything fun) and so the first time since January, we headed back to Disney. We were itching to get back to the parks and I couldn't wait to go to the Flower and Garden Festival going on at Epcot. I've also been dying to get to the parks to take pictures of something new I'll be debuting with Premium Pineapple hopefully soon. I'm actually looking into opening an Etsy store so if anyone has one, please send any advice!!

Friday after work, I basically got home and got back to work lol I finished up an order for PPE, gave Stephen a haircut, got a workout in and packed everything we'd need for Disney the next day. Super exciting stuff, y'all.

Saturday was Disney day. It was the best - the weather was amazing and we just loved walking around, taking pictures and taking our time. We got to Magic Kingdom early and had fantastic lighting for pictures in front of the castle, rode Buzz Lightyear and then headed over to Epcot for lunch. The rest of the day, we walked around Epcot and split dishes from different stands for the festival. Once we were done, we headed back over to MK to ride Big Thunder Mountain and get ice cream before calling it a night. Having my new watch was so much fun to see how far we had gone and how many calories were burnt. Although I wasn't wearing it for the pictures we took, we walked 9 miles (my feet were killing me) and burned over 3,000 calories - my Fitbit app was going nuts.

I've seen so many people talk about the Violet Lemonade on Instagram so of course, I had to try some and it was delicious! Please ignore my super pale legs...I need to get to the beach ASAP

They had an area setup with Adirondack chairs and I couldn't believe more people weren't taking advantage of them!

Sunday, we went to church, I dropped off an order, did our grocery shopping and then came home to clean. As awful as this sounds, I can't tell you the last time I really cleaned the house - I've kept up with it but not cleaned it well. Stephen was a saint and mopped the whole house for me! A clean house is seriously the best thing. Later that evening, Stephen grilled some amazing steaks for us as we start to enjoy these long days :)

I think I mentioned last Monday that I started the 7 day slimdown program with Tone It Up. I'm happy to report back that I was able to follow the plan very well (except Saturday and half of Sunday) and I lost 2 lbs! The plan went really well and was a lot easier to follow than I expected. I feel so much better and stronger and I'm excited to continue a lifestyle of cleaner eating!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Linking up with Biana


  1. Y'all are so cute in your monogrammed shirts! ;) I love how close y'all are to Disney. When we get ready to take Walker in a couple of years, I'm definitely going to be reaching out to you! And congrats on losing some weight; you look fabulous no matter what!

  2. 9 miles omg! So easy to do at Disney though!! Glad you guys had a great weekend together!

  3. Such a fun weekend!! Glad you're loving your Blaze. It always takes me by surprise when you hit your step goals and it starts vibrating like crazy lol. You all are too cute & that food looks delicious! I'm trying to convince Jared to take me to Disney again and I'm thinking we need to go when there is a food festival like that going on!

  4. Ahhh! So exciting!!!! I can't wait to see your Etsy shop!!!! LOVE all of y'all shirts- so cute!! And 9 miles?!?!?! You go girl! That is awesome! Glad y'all had a great weekend!