Monday, February 27, 2017

This weekend was a wonderful way to close out the month of February! Friday, we kicked off the fun with a bridal lunch to celebrate my friend, Madison's wedding this weekend!! It was a wonderful way to celebrate her and spoil her with some gifts. We had to laugh because Madison won the "how well do you know the bride" game at my bridal shower and I won it at hers :) After getting home, we went for a quick bike ride before it got dark and then watched another episode of Downton Abbey season 1 before going to bed early.

I monogrammed a shirt with her new monogram as part of her gift

A co-worker brought in homemade cupcakes and I was going to resist until I saw how pretty they were - there's glitter on top!

Saturday, we were up super early so I got to work on Miss Andi's embroidery order and I'm so happy with how the two items came out - that dress is absolutely darling! Thank you for letting me monogram some things for Andi, Jessi!

After finishing up the order, I tested out a new pineapple design and then I got ready to meet some of my friends for a girls day at Disney Springs! We had so much fun walking around, window shopping, eating ice cream, getting pizza's at Blaze and getting to sit down and chat :) It was a great time but man, I was exhausted afterwards - I'm getting too old for my own good lol

Sunday, we headed to church, Publix and then got to work on chores (so much fun...). I was able to squeeze in another embroidery item which I can't wait to show everyone - hopefully in a few weeks! Stephen and I were even able to go on another bike ride before making dinner and watching another episode of Downton Abbey. Stephen went to bed early while I stayed up far too long to get our lunches together and blog but at least I got to watch some of the Oscars.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a great start of March! Linking up with Biana


  1. Such a fun weekend, and I love those sweet monogrammed items for And! :)

  2. ahhhh love x 100! Seriously - you rock! Happy Monday friend! xo

  3. What a fun weekend :) Love it Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com/

  4. Your weekend sounds so exciting! So much girl time, I love it! LOVE that adorable dress for Andi, too cute!

  5. That embroidered dress is darling!! I know you are excited for the upcoming wedding!!