Charleston: Day 3

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I'm back to share our last day in Charleston which was our friends' wedding day! If you'd like to catch up, you can see day 1 here and day 2 here - I will also include an all-inclusive list of the things we did and where we ate at the end of this post.

The wedding was an earlier wedding, at 11:30 am in Mount Pleasant which actually worked out really well! I got ready and dropped Stephen off at the venue around 9 am and then I headed over to Old Village in Mount Pleasant. I should've done a little more research as to what to do but everything was closed until 10 am so I walked around the town in my wedding attire and took in the beautiful houses. I looked so incredibly out of place because of my dress and the fact that it was freezing outside. Once I walked a few blocks, I headed back to the Old Village bakery for some tea to warm up before browsing the stores and heading to the venue.

The wedding was beautiful! The weather was perfect (a little cold) and the view of the Cooper River was fantastic! I loved that you could see the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and the USS Yorktown. The whole thing was beautiful and I'm so thankful we could celebrate with them!

All of the Coke bottles were personalized with different things

We look like giants in this picture lol!

Since the couple had to catch their honeymoon flight, the wedding ended at 4:00 pm which was perfect because we were able to return Stephen's tux and head back to the hotel to rest. After resting, we got ready and headed out to dinner downtown. We wanted to go to 167 Raw but it had a 1.5 hour wait so we went to the Bay Street Biergarten which was super delicious! It was a Southern twist on German food and had the coolest outdoor area and group tables. We wanted to get a fun dessert after dinner but it was getting late and it was super cold outside so we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. Sunday we drove home, I unpacked and then repacked for Louisiana the next day.

We seriously had the best time in Charleston, we would move there in a heartbeat if we got the opportunity to - there is so much to see, do and eat there! Below, I've rounded up everything we did and where we ate so you don't have to go searching through the different posts.

Where we stayed: we stayed at the Hampton Inn on Daniel Island which was about a 20 minute drive into downtown. We stayed there for a few reasons, the main one being price. Daniel Island is beautiful and fun to explore in itself and there was a straight shot to Mt. Pleasant and downtown Charleston on the highways.

Where we ate:
Bull Street Market: I ate at this salad/sandwich shop for lunch the first day and it was good but nothing special. I wouldn't recommend it.
Hominy Grill: This is our favorite restaurant in Charleston. They serve amazing, traditional Southern food. Next time we go back, we need to go there for breakfast - I've heard it's amazing!
Callie's Little Hot Biscuit: The best biscuit you've ever eaten. Enough said. There was minimal seating inside so be prepared to stand and eat outside if you can't wait to find somewhere to sit.
Magnolias: This place has upscale Southern food - I've heard about it from multiple people and it did not disappoint. We ate here for lunch but I've heard dinner is a little more fancy and expensive.
Bay Street Biergarten: Super delicious and fun Southern flair to German food. The atmosphere was fantastic and so much fun.
Butcher and Bee: Although we didn't eat here this trip, it's very delicious and has a variety of fun foods. I believe they are constantly changing their menu as well which keeps things exciting.

What we did:
Rainbow Row: This iconic street did not disappoint. Right off Bay Street, Rainbow Row is filled with the most beautifully colored houses close to the water. It also has a lot of stunning feeder streets which makes this a fantastic place to walk around.
Broad Street: Just south of Broad Street (close to Rainbow Row and Bay Street), you'll find the most beautiful houses of Charleston. Filled with history and stunning architecture, you'll easily get lost in your daydreams and camera.
The Battery Park: Located at the southern tip of Charleston at the end of Bay Street, the Battery is a beautiful park overlooking the water and magnificent houses. It's a great place to have a picnic or let kids get some energy out.
The Pineapple Water Fountain: One of Charleston's most iconic land marks is their Pineapple Fountain over in Waterfront Park. The fountain is stunning along with it's surrounding trees and beautiful waterfront scenery.
King Street: Probably some of the best shopping in the South is on this street. I loved dipping in and out of stores and browsing the beautiful selections. I enjoyed doing this without Stephen because I didn't have to worry about him getting bored ;)
Charleston City Market: I've never been there before and wanted to check it out. It's basically a bunch of local vendors selling their products. It's really a large farmer's market without food - not a big deal to see.

I hope everyone enjoyed my recap of our Charleston trip! If you haven't been there before, definitely add this to your list! Linking up with Jessi


  1. Thank you for this guide! It was so helpful! We have reservations at Husk, FIG, Magnolias, Hominy Grill and Poogan's Porch. I'm going to weigh 5,000 pounds when we get back to Texas! ;)

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