Five on Friday

Friday, March 17, 2017

It's been almost 2 weeks but I am back!! We've been doing lots of traveling the past few days - Charleston for a long weekend this past weekend and then the next morning after getting home, I flew out to Alexandria, LA for a power plant trip. I got home late Wednesday night and am so ready to get back to normal life - especially the healthy part of normal life. I am so tired of not eating healthy food and not working out.

Last Thursday we headed to Charleston for the weekend. One of Stephen's best friends was getting married that Saturday. It worked out perfectly with being able to see friends and being able to sight-see. So thankful they got married in my favorite city ;) I will do a full recap next week!

I did have a complete fan girl moment when we parked the car and I looked over and saw Julia and Thomas literally next to our car taking pictures! I freaked and ran over to say hi - I made it awkward because I didn't know what to say other than I love their stuff lol! They were so sweet and now I'm regretting not asking for a photo. Trip.Made.

So yeah, this dress was perfect until it continued to catch an updraft from the wind... not my best moments lol

Thursday, I spent most of my day browsing stores on King Street while Stephen was with the guys. I stumbled upon The OOPS! Co and was shocked to find perfectly fine Vineyard Vines clothes for cheap! I couldn't not get this adorable pull over for $40 - it retails for $125 and is on sale at Belk for $86. 

Sorry for the awk face lol

I've also been looking for a cute, structured off-the-shoulder top and have only been able to find them for $30+ which makes it hard for me to justify. I was so excited when I found a shirt at H&M and the price wasn't too bad. I ended up wearing it to dinner on our last night and loved it - Stephen even liked it too! I was able to find a pink version for only $13!!! I'm slightly annoyed I didn't see that in the store. I tried finding the one I got online but for some reason couldn't. It's exactly like the pink one, just navy and double the price - go buy the pink one right now! I also love this shirt if you don't like the off-the-shoulder look.

I also bought a button down tank top for only $10 which I thought would be perfect for summer nights! Unfortunately, I couldn't find that one online either :/

We got home from Charleston and the next morning, I turned around and hopped on a place for Louisiana. I've never been to LA before so this was a whole new experience. It was a good trip and for lunch one day, my customer took me to a genuine LA restaurant. Since I can't eat shellfish, I had to order the next best thing for LA - fried catfish. It was surprisingly really good and the sweet potato fries were to die for!

Some other fun work updates: last Monday was national Oreo day so we celebrated with all sorts of different types of Oreos! It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed the afternoon pick-me-up. One of the girls beat everyone and had 22 Oreos!

After getting back from my trip yesterday, I had a fun surprise on my desk - our newest brochures were delivered! These pictures taken last year when I went to Pittsburgh and I'm so glad they're finally done. I had to share the parts of the brochure I made it in... I really look like I know what I'm doing ;)

I am so excited to announce my first giveaway for PPE on Instagram for the first day of Spring! The giveaway will be announced and go live on Monday (March 20 - the first day of Spring) and run through Friday. Since I'm still figuring this giveaway thing out, I will only be hosting it on Instagram so be sure to follow Premium Pineapple Embroidery on Instagram for your chance to win!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We are looking forward to Supper Club tonight and maybe a trip to Disney tomorrow... if Stephen doesn't have to work.


  1. Your Charleston pics and Snaps have me SO excited about our trip there in a few weeks! I need to hear ALL the food recommendations! And I love that off-the-shoulder top!

  2. I love those dresses you are wearing. So pretty!

  3. What beautiful dresses and I love your pictures! Happy weekend!

  4. Charleston is my absolute favorite!! You have been traveling so much! I hope y'all have a great weekend at home :)

  5. Such a fun trip!! I've been debating on ordering that exact gingham H&M shirt! I just have a long torso and am worried about the length. Hope you all have a great weekend!

  6. I used to fly into Alexandria every other month when my husband was stationed at Ft. Polk! It's an interesting area/state in general LOL Charleston is on my bucket list!