Thoughts for Thursday: Life Lately

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Things have been quite busy in the Hirst household the past few weeks. Stephen's been putting in 14+ hours at work on a daily basis now which is hard because we wake up at 5 am because now he's pushing to go to bed around 8:30 pm every night. Tomorrow night, all of Stephen's family is coming over for a Mother's Day cookout so tonight it's all about prepping and cleaning so I have minimal work to do on Friday once I get home from work.

After about a month hiatus, I've finally picked back up with embroidery! The other evening, I finally monogrammed my Old Navy v-neck shirt that I snagged during one of their Saturday sales for like $5. My college roommate got all of her bridesmaids monogrammed J Crew V necks to wear while we got ready for her wedding and I'm obsessed with mine so I was dying to make another one. I love how it turned out and I foresee lots more in my future ;) (All ON shirts are up to 50% off this week and the shirt I got is on sale)

Please ignore my super awk selfie and makeup under my eyes...

Well, I'd be lying if I said I was reading anything more than my daily devotions and blogs... One of my friends lent me her book, For the Love, a few months ago and I really need to start reading it! I've been wanting to pick up a good book but I either forget that I ever had that idea or I end up watching TV with Stephen instead.

I'm loving how our house is slowly coming together! In some aspects, things came together quicker than I thought and some things slower. We've been there for about 11 months and things are finally feeling complete. There's still a ton of little things we want to do but the big items (inside) are done! Our recent big accomplishments are finishing (for the most part) the living room, dining room and finally getting an outdoor patio table

I'm totally on board with the off the shoulder trend that's happening right now. I unfortunately don't have anything to support this new love but I'm eyeing this shirt and waiting for it to go on sale. I've also recently discovered my J crew chino shorts are looking a little too short right now so I need to add a few pairs of shorts to my collection. Old Navy has some adorable printed shorts this season like thesethesethese and these. I'm trying to wait until they run their shorts for $12.50 before I snag them.

Oh gah, I'm sure y'all are all tired of hearing me say this but LOST has consumed our lives right now! We just finished season 2 on Monday and we're waiting until the weekend before we jump into season 3 since we have a lot going on. I know a lot of people say it's not that good later down the road and the ending completely sucks but right now, it's so fantastic!

We've been eating tacos for dinner this week since there were BOGO kits at Publix and I wanted something easy to make. For our cookout tomorrow, we plan on making pork loin, brats, roasted Brussels sproutsroasted broccolibaked brie, Italian grilled tomatoes, grilled garlic with Italian bread and chocolate tres leches bunt cake for dessert. It's going to be a feast!! I also realized I need to make breakfast for Stephen's parents on Saturday but they aren't big breakfast people so I figured I'd make cinnamon french toast since it's so easy and delicious!

I've been loving the recipe my mom sent for a blueberry kale detox smoothie. I've been making one every morning for breakfast and it's delicious! I'm still not sure if it's melting the fat since I've only been drinking it for a week. You're also supposed to drink a banana peanut butter smoothie in the afternoon/evening but I haven't had any time to make those. I'll share the recipes in a week or so!

This might sounds weird but ever since Sophomore year of college, I discovered the best Pandora station ever - film scores. The music is amazing and doesn't have any words so I don't get distracted with singing along in my head. I found this amazing Interstellar medley and I've been listening to it non-stop at work.

I totally used the topics from Sydney's weekly lately posts... Linking up with Annie.


  1. Of course I love that Old Navy shirt (and can't wait to wear it) but I'm especially loving your monogrammed tee! How cute! I wish I could embroider my own stuff like that!

  2. I love that you do your own monograms - fabulous! Your dining room area is looking so nice!

  3. I want to read For the Love badly! Your dining area looks so good :) Hope you all have a great time at your get together tomorrow night!

  4. That's a great idea for bridesmaids gifts, I'll have to pass that along to my friend getting married this summer. You do beautiful embroidery by the way!

  5. Lost is SO GOOD. I watched it again after I got married because my husband had never seen it, and I forgot how much I missed it!

  6. Loved the monogram tee!! I would love to be able to do that at home, but it would be dangerous. What is that saying... if it's not moving, monogram it? xx