Five on Friday

Friday, April 22, 2016

I am so tickled because I am currently writing this post on our new patio table set!! I am so glad we finally bit the bullet and ordered a table set for our back porch - I mean, our screen has been done for a few months... Thankfully, the weather is still amazeballs in the evening so we've had dinner al fresco the past 2 nights. We ended up getting this table from Target and right now, it's about $60 cheaper than when we bought it #gofigure. We love that it's aluminum and wood composite so it shouldn't deteriorate or rust as quick and it's super durable. We also love that it fits 8 people at the table which is perfect because there are 4 couples in Stephen's family ;)

Now that we've got the table outside, I want to add a little centerpiece to it. I was thinking about getting this pineapple jar and adding two other little things with it but after grabbing a lantern and little greenery vase from Hobby Lobby (both 50% off!) I'm thinking that might be all we need. My mom's also looking for 4 more pineapple placemats for us since she sent us a 4 pack and we have 8 seats.

With the continuation of my pineapple obsession, Hobby Lobby has 40% off their spring collection which meant the pineapple serving platter I was eyeing a few weeks ago was all mine ;) Can't wait to bring it out for cookouts and summer parties!

Yesterday we found out that through Stephen's work, we are invited to a gala at the Kennedy Space Center!! I am SOO excited to dress up and go to a formal event! With that being said, I've got to get a formal dress. I'm going to go look at a few stores but I'm considering Rent the Runway as a backup option. Before getting down to the wire and having to make a quick decision, I figured I'd get y'alls opinion on that service. If you've used it, how was your experience? I'm worried about getting a dress and it not fitting right then being without an option and out some money.

Not sure who all saw on Wednesday but one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica, had all of her pictures stolen and someone was pretending to have her life on social media. It's so crazy to think there's sickos like that out there... I always think of this place as a fun and creative outlet where I can make connections with sweet girls; I never really think of the dark side of blogging and social media until things like this happen. It definitely makes me think twice about continuing on with this once we have kids...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! We're meeting my little BIL's new girlfriend tonight and then tomorrow we're hoping to head to the outlet mall.


  1. Loving the pineapple craze lately! I might need to swing by Hobby Lobby! :)

  2. Visiting from September Farm! I adore that lantern, I wish I had a hobby lobby near by because I would have to go buy multiple lol! Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  3. Your new patio furniture looks so good!! Love that pineapple platter, I need to go check out Hobby Lobby's new spring/summer stuff!

  4. LOVE your new patio set!! So cute and woo hoo for having enough seats for your husbands family! lol. I need to stop by Hobby Lobby this weekend to check out their pineapple collection...I doubt Matthew will go for it since I just got some of those cute pieces from World Market LOL. The gala sounds SO exciting! I wish Matthew's work did something like that lol. I can't wait to see what dress you pick out!! :) Have a good weekend!

  5. Your patio set looks great! Love that platter, too- so perfect for summer! Happy weekend :)