Monday, May 23, 2016

Our weekend was super low key, so this post is probably going to be boring - that's life sometimes :)

We kicked off Friday with an afternoon eye appointment. I hadn't been in ~15 years mainly because I didn't notice a difference in my vision and I hate it when they touch my eye for the glaucoma test. Thankfully, I've still got 20/20 vision which means I won't go back for another 15 years... just kidding. On the other hand, we've got to go and get Stephen some new glasses next weekend. Trust me when I say, don't buy cheap glasses.

We managed to miss all the bad storms that rolled through during our appointment so we grabbed some dinner from Publix and headed home to binge watch LOST. After watching a few hours, we went on a bike ride around our neighborhood and then came back for more lol

Saturday, we slept in and made breakfast, watched some more LOST and then I headed out to run errands and get my hair trimmed while Stephen got to work on the yard. My hair was so thick, I was desperate to get it cut - it feels so much lighter and clean! After my appointment, I needed a few things from Target and since Stephen wasn't with me, I took the opportunity to browse around the clothes and try some things on. Unfortunately for me, nothing fit right - everything looked too baggy so I saved our pocketbook. 

Once I got home, we went outside so Stephen could spray our roof to get rid of the mildew spots. We've been getting letters from the HOA about the mildew on the roof since we moved in. Let's be honest, it looked pretty bad but 85% of the neighborhood has mildewing roofs as well. Last week we received a letter threatening to fine us everyday until we got it fixed, so up Stephen went. It was SO hot outside but thankfully Stephen got the job done! Hopefully we'll see results in the next few weeks because he's not getting back up there. 

Afterwards, we were both so worn out from the heat that we watched LOST the rest of the night and finished up season 4. Side note: I can totally see how people got annoyed with the show towards the end - it's super all over the place right now!

Sunday we went to church and Publix, then came home and did some cleaning, laundry and ironing. Stephen wanted to grill ribs on Saturday night but we were so wiped out, we ended up doing it Sunday night and it was delicious! We tried garlic confit mashed potatoes and grilled artichokes with a goat milk yogurt mixture... that was good, not great lol 

It wouldn't be a Bachelor Monday post if I didn't mention the new season of the Bachelorette starting tonight!! I will definitely be watching and can't wait to see this season! We've even got our brackets ready to go again ;)

It was a good weekend relaxing and Stephen was able to cross a lot off his list which was #1 priority :) Can't wait for a 3 day weekend coming up!! Hope everyone else had a good weekend!

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  1. Sounds like it was productive AND im glad you finished that season of lost. 2 more to go!!!!

  2. Those HOA people are ruthless - gosh!! I love when you have a show to look forward to watching! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Such a great weekend, glad you got a lot done! I can't wait to see the new hair trim!

    1. Thanks!! Honestly, no one's been able to tell at work and Stephen even asked if I got it cut when I got back... lol

  4. Sounds like it was a good weekend. I totally hate dealing with the HOA people, they are just horrible.

  5. Your weekend sounds fabulous to me! We have a couple quiet low key ones and home after the holiday and I seriously can't wait!

  6. Is this your first time watching Lost? If so, what are your thoughts so far? I started binge watching it years ago when it first went on Netflix & then they had pulled it for awhile & I wound up buying the entire series just so I could finish it.

    I need to go to the eye doctor & I'm annoyed about it. I haven't been in about 4.5 years & I'm only going again because I've finally almost run out of contacts & need a new prescription to buy more.

  7. I love productive weekends! And oh my goshhhh I forgot about the Bachelorette until this morning and I got so excited haha!

  8. Low key weekends are THE best sometimes!! HOA's kill me lol but hopefully that did the trick and he won't have to get back up there anytime soon!! The snaps of you at the eye doctor were CRACKING me up!! Hilarious! I have THE worst eye sight (literally, so bad!) and that means I absolutely have to go to the doctor once a year, and usually right around the year mark lol. It's so annoying!

    Woo hoo for a 3 day weekend coming up!!!!

  9. Target runs are the best! Especially when you have time to browse. Bummer none of the clothes worked!

  10. Oh my gosh that is some serious roof situation if they were threatening to fine you! Is that allowed? I beet you guys are glad that it's over with though :)
    Evelina @ Fortunate House

  11. We just bought a house in December and I feel like I'm constantly learning about homeowner things because I have never heard of mildew on roofs! I'll have to keep an eye out for it! That is one serious HOA to threaten to fine you every day for that!