Thursday, May 26, 2016

Time for a good ole confess sesh!

I confess that...

- I ran to Old Navy during lunch on Tuesday and after being back at work fro 30 minutes, realized I never buttoned the button at the top of the back of my shirt

- Apparently Tuesday was my 4 year anniversary since getting my internship with my current group at work.. I say apparently because I got a ton of "happy anniversary" messages on LinkedIn

- I really don't utilize LinkedIn and just go on there to accept (friend?) requests

- Our networks went down at work the other day and everyone was at a loss since they want us to save all of our stuff on the network (shot ourselves in the foot?). The plus was I didn't have anything due that day and I got to go home to work since everything worked outside of the office

- On Tuesday and Wednesday I was very good and did this Tone it Up high intensity interval training workout. It's great because it doesn't feel like you're working out too hard but at the end you really feel it (and the next day too!)

- Brittany had her sweet baby boy this past weekend! Guess that isn't a confession other than I confess that the boys are so adorable! Congrats to the Whitacre's!

- It's looking like this Bachelorette season is going to be a good one! Jo Jo's got some great guys and some crazies but that's what makes it fun. Once again, Shaeffer hit it out of the park with her recap

- We're getting so close to finally booking a landscaper to redo our yard and I cannot wait for it to be done! Our yard looks SO bad right now (you're going to die on the before pictures lol) and I'm sure our neighbors are equally as excited ;)


  1. Aw, thanks, girl!!! And I totally LOL'd about your button; totally been there! ;)

  2. I have definitely forgotten a button before, too!! I need to do that Tone it Up video, too, or at least something active lol. At least you got to work from the comfort of your home the other day when the internet went out, and thank goodness nothing was do that day! Our internet has gone our before and it's usually right in the middle of a project I'm working frustrating!

    Woo hoo for deciding on a landscaper and fixing to book them! Can't wait to see what all y'all have done! :)

  3. Lol, this season of the bachelorette looks awsomeee. I'm super excited! So far, loving me some Luke and Jordan! Get that yard done girl, I love before and after yard work pictures lol.