Monday, February 1, 2016

As I sat down to write this post, I realized I did not take a single picture this weekend! Even though I failed on the picture taking, we had a great weekend filled with relaxation and productivity.

Friday, Stephen was off from work and did a lot of work around the yard. He finally brought all of the pavers to the trash that we had ripped up from the side and back yard back in the fall - so glad those are gone! After work, we basically watched The Office the rest of the night and went to bed early since we had a long week.

Saturday, we made some bigger decisions - we decided to move ahead with plans to install a screen on our back porch, we got serious about buying some chairs for our living room, finally sold our breakfast buffet and pulled the trigger on an item we've been thinking about for a while now (more on that later).

We've been looking for some nice accent chairs for our living room for quite some time and haven't been able to find what we want for our price point. About 30 minutes away, there's an area with almost every major furniture company on one street so we hit every store in hopes of finding what we're looking for. We realized that in order to find what we want, we needed to up our price point. We didn't want to settle since these chairs will be the focal point of our living room and we had a very distinct look in mind. We found two options that would've worked great but I think we're going to go another direction. We originally wanted some standard, traditional winged back chairs (below) but after Stephen got to browsing online, he decided he really liked the French chair look.
I am still leaning towards the more traditional look but Stephen is sold on the French style. We found a chair that is a compromise and I think it will work really well in our living room. I figured it has the winged back look and is something different that we wouldn't be able to do anywhere else in the house. I'm really excited to hopefully get these chairs in here soon!

I was so excited that we finally sold our breakfast buffet and get that out of the house since we bought our china cabinet. We didn't want to put it on Craigslist because we don't like the idea of total strangers coming to our house and no one was wanting it on Facebook so Stephen found a used furniture store that bought it from us - and we got more than we would've gotten from Craigslist!

After all the furniture fun, we headed home to relax and enjoy the rest of the afternoon which consisted of more Office, mini ping pong and watching The Maze Runner 2 (it's totally a knock of The Island, I am Legend & World War Z).

Sunday we did the usual, church, Publix, laundry, cleaning and Stephen let me take a nap while he pulled weeds (which also led him to agree to hire a landscaper lol)! We officially finished season 8 of The Office - it kind of makes me sad that it's almost over!

I hope everyone has an amazing week!! Linking up with Biana.


  1. I love both of those chair options. It sounds like y'all had a nice and productive weekend! Jess at Just Jess

  2. I really love the chairs you're leaning towards - they are gorgeous!! Happy Monday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You definitely made some home progress this weekend! Great job!

  4. I absolutely love those chairs!!! Gorgeous. Your weekend sounds similar to the way we like ours - some housework, binge show watching, a good mixture of relaxation & productivity!

  5. What a productive weekend! I love the chairs you chose!

  6. What a productive weekend! I love the chairs you chose!

  7. Love both chairs!! Tough choice! Enjoyed finding your blog through the link up!

  8. The screened in back porch will be so nice! That’s great you found the perfect spot to sell and get rid of the breakfast buffet to!

  9. So so jealous you will have a screened in porch. I'm dying to screen ours in but we can't decide if we want to put lots more money in this house since we won't be here for many more years. Sounds like a productive yet restful weekend!!

  10. I think both of those chairs are so pretty! Tough decision! Sounds like a great weekend, hope you have a wonderful week too!

  11. Oh goodness, I love both of those chairs!! Can't wait to see one of them in your living room!

    So jealous about your back porch! We just have a big ole slab of concrete and can't decide on what to do with it lol. Eventually we would love to build on a sun room, but for now I think we might do a small deck!

  12. I LOVE those French style chairs!! So pretty! And good call on avoiding Craigslist, we just sold a dresser on there and it was a really sketchy situation. Never again!