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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Disclaimer: I will be the first to admit I don't have a single clue when it comes to makeup. I usually keep things very minimal and don't buy expensive/"nice" makeup (thank goodness for Stephen since he thinks my $12 power foundation is expensive lol)

After following along in the blog/vlog world for a little bit, I had noticed that people had more "complex" makeup routines than I did and the things they did with makeup made a big difference. One of the big things I wanted to try was contouring. My mom got me this contour pallet for Christmas and I loved it, until I broke out from it. After returning it, I didn't want to spend $40+ on another contour kit so I opted for the new Maybelline contour kit and used the extra money to get some fun brushes and chap sticks. I've been really impressed with the Maybelline kit - the dark shade is perfect but I have to admit, the lighter shades were better in the NYX kit.

I love Neutrogena products because they're not harsh on my skin and it's not too expensive. I always use this pressed powder and it gives me great coverage for everyday use. If I wanted a more polished look, I would use Clinique liquid foundation and then add the pressed powder on top. The liquid foundation was very thick and even though it gave me an airbrushed look, I didn't like how thick it was on my face. When I was at home for Christmas, my mom got my sister some Urban Decay liquid foundation - it doesn't give her enough coverage so she gave it to me. I love this stuff!! It is light/medium coverage but it feels so light on your face and still looks super natural. I use this almost everyday under my powder foundation and haven't had a problem! This will probably be my one expensive makeup piece that I will continue to splurge on.

Neutrogena was running a BOGO 50% off when I needed to buy more foundation so I took advantage and snagged a fun pink blush. My current blush is kind of dull and I wanted to spice things up a bit with a new, brighter blush. I really like it and it'll be the perfect shade for spring/summer!

After returning the NYX contour kit, I had some extra money to play with so I snagged this makeup sponge and brush. I wanted to try out the sponge for my liquid foundation application but I was very disappointed with the sponge because it seemed to soak up all of the foundation instead of leaving it on my face. I was about to return it when my sister informed me that you can use it for concealer (which I didn't have - told y'all I don't know much lol). I decided to get some cheap concealer to try it out. I really like using the sponge to put on the concealer and for $3, it's a steal! I also got a new brush which I love using to blend my contour.

I've been using Burt's Bees chapstick for a little while now and right before Christmas, Target ran a BOGO deal on their kits. Stephen wanted to get me some for little stocking stuffers and I decided to go with some tinted kits rather than plain chapstick. I picked out this kit and this kit and so far, I have been really impressed by them. The colors are great and perfect for someone like me, who doesn't usually wear a lot of color on my lips. I'll probably keep getting their lipsticks in the future because my lips are very sensitive and these don't bother them as much. FYI: I read that eos chapstick can really mess up some peoples lips and after seeing some pictures, I realized that's what was happening to mine (although not as bad). I decided to throw out my eos chapsticks and now I don't have as big of a problem.

One last thing that I got for Christmas was the Urban Decay Perversion mascara. I received a sample tube for my birthday and LOVED it but didn't want to buy the bigger tube. I got it in my stocking from my parents and have been enjoying using it. Unfortunately, it seems different than the sample tube that I had but still gives great volume. Honestly, I'll probably go back to drug store mascara after this tube runs out - it's good, not great.

Thanks for bearing with me and my makeup post - there's a first time for everything!

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  1. If you don't need a lot of coverage and like a light foundation try the tinted moisturizer from Too Faced! It's perfect for summer because it has sunscreen in it and you don't even feel that it's on. I liked it so much that I've been using it every day! I got it last summer and I've just about squeezed the last of it out! Lol