Friday, February 26, 2016

Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's finally Friday!! This week has been ROUGH for both of us. Stephen's executing one of his new projects and has been working 12+ hour days the past few weeks and it will continue for another month or two. I finally finished my project management cram class this week - SO.MUCH.INFORMATION. It's basically a crash course for the Project Management certification exam; I was studying PM the entire day for 3 days straight. I'll just say I'm exhausted and my head hurts lol Thankfully, I feel a lot more prepared for the exam because I was having some MAJOR anxiety about it over the weekend. Unfortunately, my work isn't done because I have to study hard for the next two weeks and then actually take the exam. 

I am so excited because my little sister is coming to town today!! I got to see her for a hot minute when her friends came down to Disney last month but this will be the first time since Christmas I get to actually spend time with her. On the schedule: grilling hamburgers & Downtown Disney. I can't wait to get done with work ;)

Another exciting thing this weekend is our first supper club!! One of Stephen's new co-workers wanted to start one so Saturday will be the first one at their apartment. We are both so excited and hope that it sticks (it's so hard to find good friends in an area of tourists and retirees).

For this past week's Bachelor bracket, I knew Ben would send Amanda home... listen, he's not going to take a mamma of 2 girls into the fantasy suite on TV especially if he doesn't have an uber strong connection with her.

Here's my quick recap of the hometown dates:
Amanda - not ready to be a dad quite yet - bye Felicia.
Lauren B
- love her family but when Ben cried to her sister... I had the feeling that wasn't genuine. Am I alone on that one? Still think Lauren's the winner.
JoJo - her family was a HOT MESS and not very nice to Ben. The whole date was weird - no fun activities? just crying and telling him about your ex? then heading right to your parents? Also, why were her brothers so weirdly protective of her? I did about DIE when I saw her mom drink straight from the wine bottle... mamma's stressed.
Caila - the fact that her dad is CEO of a toy factory is so fun. The fact that they built a toy house is so fun. I mean, I could've spent hours in that factory learning about the processes - so fun! I don't feel a huge connection between them but girl has some of the most amazing hair I've ever seen #MAJORhairenvy.

I did fall asleep right before the rose ceremony and was super upset I had missed it - I'll have to go back and catch up on the promos for next week's episode. 

I'm going to bail out on this one... time for some relaxing after a week of PM. Teen Mom finale, here I come!

This was me yesterday when I passed my practice exam...
I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!


  1. Good luck on your exam! I hope supper club is a success and I'm glad you are able to see your sister this weekend. My baby sister is coming home for a few weeks. Jess at Just Jess

  2. Good luck with the rest of your studying! Let me know how the exam goes, I may end up taking it at some point. Also, enjoy the weekend with your sister, sounds like so much fun!

    1. Thanks!! I'll definitely let you know! The class made me a lot more confident - I was having some major anxiety a few days ago lol Lots to memorize which is a lot different than Engineering... Have a great weekend!

  3. Have so much fun with your sister this weekend!! Hope the real exam goes just as well as the practice one! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Agree with your whole Bachelor recap!! Caela seems too young for him, and some of the stuff she says is SO DEEP I'm like "um can you summarize that in normal people terms?"

  5. That squirrel picture made me laugh so hard lol. Have fun with your sister this weekend! Sounds like y'all have a lot planned!! :) I want to start a supper club with the ladies in our class at church but we all have SO much going on right now. They sound so fun!

  6. OK, your Bachelor notes...on point. I want Caila's hair too...there I said it. Have a great weekend...Supper Club sounds so fun!

  7. Just found your blog! - Loved your mini recap of the Bachelor! SO ACCURATE. (I was thinking the same thing abt Ben's cry with Lauren B's sister - weird!), but agreed, she's still the winner I think! Also love the idea of supper club! That sounds so fun!


    1. You're the only person who's agreed with me on Ben's cry!! It just seemed so... odd lol Still picking her as the winner and after last night's episode, I'm on pins and needles!!! So glad you stopped in and said hi :)