Valentine's Weekending

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We had a fantastic weekend and squeezed every minute of it out that we could, hence the Tuesday weekend recap.

Friday after work, I headed home to see the progress of our new screen!! The guy had finished the frame and was coming back the next day to install the screen. Shockingly, the porch looks so much bigger with the screen! We're so tickled with how it turned out and we're so glad we decided to move forward with this project. Can't wait to get some outdoor furniture and a fan out there.



It was so nice outside on Friday that we decided to take a quick walk before it got dark. There's one area in our neighborhood that's building new homes, so we like to stop in a walk through them before they put the doors on - one of the kids wrote Star Wars quotes on the beams to his room. We also finally finished The Office... there is definitely a hole in our lives now. Sunday we had some time to relax and we were like, crap what do we watch now!? Stephen wants to watch LOST next and I want to watch Downton Abbey... Stephen's going to win this one.

Saturday, I made us some cinnamon french toast (recipe coming this week) and then Stephen went back to work on the screen with the contractor. While they were working on the screen, I went shopping. Old Navy was having a BOGO on their jeans and Stephen needed another pair so I graciously obliged while getting myself the "free" pair. I also snagged this shirt for 1/2 off and plan to add a small monogram on the chest. I also stopped by World Market to get a sushi kit (I bought a single kit but they didn't have it online) and by Homegoods to get my SIL a birthday gift.

We decided to run to Lowes after lunch to get some items to make a wooden, white board for some pictures (still in progress). That day, I was having some real good success with my embroidery machine until I almost broke the dang thing while trying to thread a bobbin. It took Stephen and I an hour and a half (or more) to get it un-wound and back to working order.

After that big ordeal, I made Stephen some Valentine's Day cookies. Every year I make him some kind of sweet treat and this year, I decided to put my Valentine cookie cutters to the test. I was planning on making special royal frosting for the cookies but Publix didn't have meringue powder (I don't even know what that is) so I decided to just use Stephen's favorite - funfetti icing.

On Sunday morning, I convinced Stephen to go to Dunkin Donuts for some V-day pre-church donuts. For some reason, he thought there was a BOGO deal and kept saying how we needed to leave super early because there would be a huge line. We get there, there isn't a big crowd and that's when I found out he thought there was a Valentine's deal. I just wanted a fun heart donut since we didn't want to make breakfast before church but turns out all the heart donuts are all filled - gross! So we ended up with a vanilla and strawberry donut - still a win :)

After church, I got to work on cleaning the house and Stephen worked on cleaning up the porch. He also told me he had to run to Lowes to pick up some tape for the shower pipe but went to Publix instead to get me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and my favorite chocolates - Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts.

Later that afternoon, our friends invited us over to see their Victorian style house that they're restoring. It was amazing! I've never been in a house like that before and it was so fascinating - I can't wait to see it finished! While chatting in the driveway, a romantic Valentine's Day carriage ride drove by and I had to get a quick snap of it.

We headed home after seeing the house to get to work on our V-day dinner - baked brie and sushi!

The baked brie is becoming a V-day staple; I made it for our picnic last year

We didn't want to make sushi with raw fish and I'm allergic to shellfish so we made chicken teriyaki sushi. It wasn't too bad to make but we probably won't make it again to be honest. Our $7 sushi from Publix doesn't break the bank but was fun to try something new and it turned out pretty good (I like Publix sushi better lol).

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend (or Gal-entine's)!


  1. Such a fun weekend packed full of stuff! The porch looks amazing, so so jealous! And y'all are brave to make your own sushi, we have never tried it but it looks good!

  2. The porch looks and sounds so fabulous! I love the cookies - they look too delicious! I'm not a sushi girl but I do think it looks like such a great time to make your own.

  3. Your screen looks so good! I want to watch Downton Abbey too! How fun that you all made your own sushi!

  4. It looks like a fun and productive weekend! Your cookies are adorable and the sushi looks like a festive meal. You'll have to share your baked brie recipe!

  5. Can't get over how good your porch looks! I'm so jealous lol. I basically live in Old Navy's v-neck shirts year round lol...the perfect summer shirt and the perfect piece to wear under a cardigan when it's cold out.

    So sweet (and sneaky lol) of him to get your flowers and your favorite candy!! Have you posted the recipe for the baked brie before? It looks delicious!! So fun making your own sushi! It looks great :)

  6. What a great weekend! Your Valentine's celebrations looked so sweet, and that porch will be amazing in the spring!

  7. Galentine's...that is so cute. Love your blog! :)