Hilton Head Island Part 1 | A Renewal, A Birthday & July 4th

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I'm finally getting around to recapping our vacation to Hilton Head Island this year. I can't begin to tell you how this trip fell at the perfect time - Stephen and I were literally losing our minds and we came back so refreshed and ready for the rest of the month. I've been going to HHI for as long as I can remember and usually, we always go with our long time family friends, the Stones. This year, Stephen joined us along with our friend, Daniel's fiance, Charlsey. It was a very eventful week but oh so relaxing.

Stephen and I arrived on Saturday afternoon right before my parents headed out to do some grocery shopping. After we claimed our rooms and my parents left, we rode bikes and discovered a croquet course near our condo.

Once my parents got back, we cleaned up and walked to Harbour Town for dinner at Crazy Crab. After dinner, we walked around, window shopped and watched the new, local band perform before racing back to the condo to beat the storm.

Since it was only the 5 of us that night, we decided to give our parents their anniversary gift a day before their vow renewal. I put together a framed list of stats that had happened within their 30 years of marriage and my sister made an adorable book of 30 lessons we've learned from them over the years. Thankfully, they still love our homemade gifts even though we're in our 20's lol

Sunday was the big renewal day so we headed to the beach with my dad for a little bit before he had to leave for golf. My mom and sister met us there and we hung out until early afternoon then we headed back and jumped in the pool for a few minutes. Afterwards, a storm rolled in and we got ready for the vow renewal.

On July 4th, my parents celebrated their 30th anniversary. Since they didn't want to do a vow renewal on the 4th they did it on the 2nd. It was supposed to be on the beach but of course, a big storm rolled in and we couldn't go to the beach. The Beach Club at Sea Pines was so accommodating and thankfully, a big group had just cancelled the upstairs ball room - it was setup for us to use and they let us use the area without charge! We were so appreciative and it worked out better than the beach because everyone could hear the ceremony and our hair didn't get ruined ;)

My parents were so sweet and asked my sister and me to officiate the ceremony since they were already legally married. All I have to say is thank goodness for online vow renewal ceremonies lol! We found one we liked and then added or removed things we did/didn't want to say. It worked out really well and Stephen said it went better than he expected ;)

So thankful our family friends could join us!

After the ceremony and pictures, we had dinner in the beach club dinning room. By that time, the rain had cleared up so we went to the beach for some pictures and sparklers.

We were very proud of this one ;)

Monday was Stephen's birthday and our first big day at the beach. We got to the beach early and spent all day there! It was so nice and relaxing! Unfortunately, I didn't go in the water much because they had a lot of sting rays... boo marine life ;) We beat the storm getting home and since we couldn't jump in the pool, we got ready for the early bird special at Alexander's.

Tuesday was July 4th and we had big plans to spend the whole day at the beach. Thankfully the weather was perfect. We definitely enjoyed relaxing at the beach, swimming in the pool afterwards and having a fun cookout before going to the 18th hole of Harbour Town golf course and watching the fireworks. 

It was a perfect beginning to our vacation and with tons to celebrate!! Unfortunately, July 4th was my sister's last full day with us because she needed to get home and head up to Indy for her big girl job!!

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  1. How sweet that your parents asked you and your sister to officiate! Love that USA photo and I'm loving that scalloped dress on you!

  2. What an amazing milestone for your parents, wow! So special!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your parents vow renewal!!!! So stinkin' precious and special that they had you and your sister do it! I am also loving the homemade gifts and my have to steal those ideas for my parents surprises anniversary party next month!! Love that y'all vacation with close family friends, that seems so fun!! And of course, I love HHI!!!!