Five on Friday: Happy July!!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Oh my goodness I cannot believe it's already July!! How in the world did that happen!? I'm all sorts a hot mess right now because it crept up on me and we have so much going on the next 2 weeks!

So here are our July events which makes this the 2nd best month of the year (besides December):

  • July 3rd is Stephen's 27th birthday
  • July 4th is July 4th ;) it's also my parents' 29th anniversary
  • July 5th is our 3rd anniversary
  • July 9th is my 25th birthday
  • July 28th I'm visiting my sister and finally getting to see Chicago!!

As you can see, July is NUTS! Stephen's made a few comments before it'd be nice to have kids in the month of July... #ishutthatdown #aintnobodygottimeforthat 

Old Navy emails ALWAYS get me! Wednesday I saw they had $8 swing dresses, which I had to grab because it'd be comfy and cute with Converses while in Chicago. I'm so glad I did get one because it seems like they're selling out quick! I really wanted a black one but they didn't have one in my size.

I don't have anything red and wanted to wear something red to the July 4th baseball game on Monday. When I saw their July 4th tee's were on sale for $2.50, I had to snag one! Stephen wanted one too so we will be the matching goobers at the baseball game in our ON flag shirts lol

I also snagged another v-neck because they were on sale for $6 - you can't go wrong with a monogrammed v-neck ;) I also grabbed a tankini swim suit top (it was 60% off!) for my company's beach day coming up here in a few weeks. Then yesterday, I got an email that all shorts were 50% off so I ran in to get a pair of jean shorts but all they had were size 0 and 12... guess I really don't need them ;)

I didn't see this dress in the store but how adorable is it!?

We finished up our landscaping last week and I finally debuted it on the blog Wednesday.

One of my work friends hosted a girls night Wednesday which was fun! It's really hard socially being an hour away from Orlando because by the time it really got started, I had to leave in order to make it home at a decent hour. 

We are so looking forward to the weekend! We're hoping the weather holds out so we can go to the beach and do a cookout on Saturday, Sunday is Stephen's birthday and we're going to see my BIL, SIL & niece - we're so excited, and Monday we're going to the minor league baseball game with our friends! They're supposed to have some really good fireworks after the game! Tuesday is our anniversary and I booked a super fun activity as a surprise! I can't wait to do it and I really hope Stephen is surprised :)

I hope everyone has an amazing long weekend!!


  1. July is a busy month for you all!!! Hope you have an awesome weekend and I can't wait to hear what fun activity you have planned for your anniversary!!

  2. Wow, y'all do have a lot going on this month, but it all sounds so fun!!!! So many exciting things to look forward to. Old Navy is killing me with all their good sales!!!! I get text messages from them when they have a sale and it's so tempting to go over there every time I get a message LOL. Hope y'all have a great weekend!! :)

  3. Girl, you are busy this month!!! Looks like a lot of fun is in store.

    Happy 4th! And Happy Early Birthday!

  4. What a busy month. Those Old Navy flag shirts remind me of middle school when everyone grabbed them. Jess at Just Jess

  5. Old Navy and their emails! They always get me, too!

  6. I love how much you guys have to celebrate this month - it's been fun following along on your snaps!