Thursday, July 28, 2016

I confess...

That this is my first confessions post in a while! I sure do miss doing these things!

I am SOOOO excited because today I'm flying up to Indianapolis to see my sister for the weekend!! She's doing a summer internship up there and I cannot wait to see her again! We're heading over to Chicago for a night so send along your recommendations :)

This is me and my sister

The other fun thing that happened at work a few weeks ago was my boss finally remembered I had a blog (after like 2 years..) and decided it'd be fun to show everyone... so everyone made fun of me for a few weeks. Thankfully it's died down so hopefully I don't have to hear too much about it anymore - the cons of working with such a close-knit group ;)

Stephen and I have been loving throwing the baseball in our backyard during the evening but every once in a while, he'll throw the ball hard and I freak out. I got stitches from a softball in 4th grade so anytime it's thrown too hard to me, I get really scared.

I can't believe JoJo left Chase hanging like she did in the fantasy suite this past week - I feel so bad for Chase. It does look like they set him up to be the next Bachelor with how he came back to say he was sorry...

They really overdid it with Chad on The Men Tell All. Stephen said it looked like a Jerry Springer episode with how they brought Chad out with the security guards. Can't believe he's going to be on Bachelor in Paradise - is anyone going to be watching?

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  1. I am so excited for Bachelor in Paradise! I feel like it's even more entertaining then the Bachelor/ Bachelorette because you really never know what will happen next!

    1. Yes!! I didn't really watch it last season but I'm hoping to catch some of the fun this year!

  2. Have so much fun with your sister!! Enjoy!!