New Year, New Reads

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Two of my goals for 2015 were 1. crack down on my daily devotions 2. read books to help better Stephen and I's relationship. So far, I've been doing good with working on these 2 items (only after 3 weeks... such a great feat).

For my daily devotionals, I went to my local Family Christian store to browse the isles. I decided to go with Live Faithfully: A Study in the Book on James by Lenya Heitzig & Penny Rose. In high school, I did a few of their other devotionals and really enjoyed them. I decided to grab this one to really study James and strengthen my faith. These devotional books are broken out into weeks (this particular book is a 12 week study) with 5 days of devotionals. This is really nice because if you miss a day, you have 2 extra days to catch up - or you can power through the weeks and not utilize the 2 days off. Since James is a smaller book, each day covers 1-2 verses which really delves into the book and breaks each verse down. So far, I'm really enjoying this study and can't wait to see what the Lord teaches me!

The other book I decided to pick up was Team Us by Ashleigh Slater. I haven't gotten too far yet, but it's great so far! Ashleigh talks about how in marriage, we need to set ourselves aside and focus on becoming a team. She writes stories about her marriage (her hubby interjects with things from his point of view too), other friend's marriage stories as well as stories from the Bible. I'm really excited to continue this book and focus on putting myself aside and focusing on US. Once I finish it, I'll write a review of it.

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