Five on Friday | Disney Weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Last night, my family came into town for a big Disney weekend! My sister decided she wanted spend her 21st birthday with all of us at Disney so we jumped on it and booked a long weekend. Today, we're going to Epcot, tomorrow we're doing Magic Kingdom and Sunday Hollywood Studios. I'm so happy to see my family again (first time since thanksgiving)!! You can keep up with our weekend on Instagram.

On top of a weekend at Disney, Lilly Pulitzer for Target is being released on Sunday!! I'm so excited to run over there after Hollywood Studios with my sister to do some b-day shopping!

If you missed it this week, I was nominated for the Liebster Award and had fun answering 11 questions that Ashley created. Check out the post here to see my answers, the other girls I nominated and their 11 questions.

If you love the Avengers or Family Feud, then you'll love this video from Jimmy Kimmel with the cast of the Avengers competing on Family Feud.

I found this scripture art on Pinterest the other day and wanted to share :)


  1. SO jealous of your Disney weekend!! My whole family is going next March when my niece is old enough to kind of "get it". I might be talking to you closer to then for some recommendations :) Also, can't wait to stop by Target and check out the Lilly stuff. I hope it lives up to all the hype!

  2. Enjoy Disney!! I can't wait to see pictures! Definitely heading to Target first thing on Sunday to check out this craziness!

  3. Ohhhh how fun! I love family time and I love Disney! What a perfect combo. Plus how cute is that Up graphic?

  4. I've never owned any LP but I'm excited that Target will be carrying a special edition! Also, Jimmy Kimmel may be my favorite thing to watch on YouTube!

  5. I loved seeing your pictures from Disney, it looks like it was such a fun weekend! What a beautiful scripture too! Xo, Stephanie