Friday, April 24, 2015

Happy Friday!!! I'm so looking forward a weekend at home with the hubs before things get crazy again! We had a full weekend at Disney last weekend, next weekend is my best friend's wedding, then soon after we'll be going south for a gender reveal (I think I'm getting a nephew ;)) and then after a long weekend up north to see my parents and their new house... phew it's going to be busy.

The cat is officially out of the bag (if you didn't get it from above) - I'm going to be an Aunt!!!! My sister-in-law is pregnant and we are sooo excited! This will be the first baby for either of our families and we are all over the moon. The baby is due October 31st which means it'll be here for Thanksgiving (which is so nuts to think about). I can't wait for the gender reveal, showers and the birth! Congrats to John and Lauren!!

Hopefully many of these will be happening!

Their cute announcement!

After we found out they were expecting!

The boys wanted to celebrate, German style

While the hubs is away, I will play... okay not really but Stephen had his first business trip this past week so I had 4 nights all to myself. Monday and Tuesday I met up with friends for dinner (failed to get any pictures) and then Wednesday and Thursday I spent the evenings relaxing and cleaning which has been super nice. I'm very much so looking forward to Stephen coming home today though - it's definitely different when you're on this end of the business trips lol

I'm sure no one missed the announcement this week about Full House returning to TV with a "Fuller House" spin-off! I'm super excited about this show, however the story line seems super sad but I guess it's to pay tribute to the original show and keep it going. Can't wait to see what story lines they come up with for the whole cast and their "families" after all these years.

Last night I made these m&m blondies and they turned out fantastic! Can't wait for Stephen to get home and try some (let's be real - I need him to eat most of them so I won't!) Recipe hopefully coming next week :)

Next week, my best friend Camilla is getting married and I can hardly wait!! She wants us to do our hair half-up half-down and doesn't mind if it's curly or straight. Since my hair's shorter and doesn't hold curls for super long, I'm going to opt for the straight option but I want some volume in the pin-up and want to make sure it looks special. I found a few images on Pinterest that I can hopefully get my hair somewhat like. I am so glad there will be a lot of girls there because I KNOW I can't do any of the pinning on my own... I'm so bad with hair. (I've noticed I'm a HUGE fan of Carrie Underwood's hair... could it be any more perfect?)


  1. My sis is getting married in October and I'm wearing my hair half up as well! Love the 1st Carrie Underwood picture!

  2. Congrats on becoming an Aunt! I love all those styles you picked out for the wedding :)

  3. Such a cute pregnancy announcement! I also love Carrie's hair:)

  4. Congratulations to your sister-in-law! You will be an amazing aunt! Also, those brownies look phenomenal. Can't wait for the recipe!

  5. Being an aunt is the best job I've had in life!! Love getting to spoil my nieces. Enjoy!!

  6. so jealous you got to go to disney! i love it so much!

  7. Being an aunt is the greatest blessing EVER! There is no greater feeling! I am going to have a nephew in 3 short weeks and I cannot WAIT!

  8. Congratulations on being an Aunt, how exciting!! Those brownies look amazing, I am now wanting something sweet! Xo, Stephanie

  9. Congrats, auntie!!! So exciting! :) I pretty much love everything about this post - those blondies look amazing, can't wait for Fuller House and yes yes yes to the hair inspiration!