NYC | Day 4

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I hope y'all have been enjoying my recap of our NYC trip - I'm hoping to have it finished up this week; there have been a lot of posts. If you'd like to catch up, you can read day 1 here, day 2 here and day 3 here. This day was probably what I was most excited for - Stephen was coming back into the city with me, we were staying in a hotel in the city this time and we had scheduled most of the major iconic NY sites to visit.

We woke up early Monday morning and headed into the city - we wanted to avoid traffic but we weren't able to. It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought though! Stephen dropped me off at our hotel while he ran a few blocks over to return the car before meeting me back at our room. This seriously worked out so well because we definitely didn't need a rental car while staying in the city and Avis had a location right near our hotel so it wasn't difficult or time consuming to return it. After getting into the room, we looked up breakfast spots nearby and Stephen found Ellen's Stardust Diner a few blocks away on Broadway. I remember reading about it in Owen's blog and agreed to go. It was so much fun and I'm so glad we kicked off our morning there! All of the wait staff are aspiring Broadway stars and rotate out singing various Broadway songs. It was a wait to get in, but definitely worth it!

I ate every bite of these pancakes and they were delicious!

Our hotel was right next to the Stephen Colbert building which was pretty cool!

After our breakfast and a show, we rolled ourselves out and headed over to Times Square! It was so neat being there and the atmosphere was electric - minus the crazy lady talking to herself lol We even saw an add for my company that highlighted a collaboration with Stephen's company!!

After getting our tourist fill in at Times Square, we headed over to see Radio City Hall and Rockefeller Center. There was a huge line to go on Top of the Rock but we were told if we bought tickets online, we wouldn't have to wait. We hopped online and bought tickets for around 1 pm and then headed over to St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Public Library. We figured the Library wasn't too far away and we always like watching The Day After Tomorrow so we popped in ;)

Despite her mean muggin' look, she was so nice and funny! I think Stephen caught her mid-talk lol She told me it'd cost $5 for that picture ;)

On the way back to The Rock, we passed by Macy's, The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building and stopped in Grand Central Station. I wish we had a little more time in there but we needed to get to our appointment so we took a few pictures and ran over to The Rock.

We made it to our appointment and it was such a neat experience! I thought I'd be terrified with the heights but it wasn't too bad - don't be fooled, I wouldn't go near the glass and I was having heart palpations when Stephen was sticking the camera lens through those glass slits. It was really cool to see the whole city from the roof and at ~$30/ticket, it was so worth it instead of going on top of The Empire State Building.

A nice security guard took this picture for us - threw his arms with the camera above his head and snapped away. I can't believe it turned out to well! I definitely need to frame this one :)

Right before we left, I told Stephen we needed a picture of Times Square

We grabbed lunch after finishing The Rock - I drug Stephen all over town looking for a salad and ended up back inside the Rockefeller Center lol We were exhausted and my boots were killing my feet so we headed back to the hotel to rest for a little before getting ready to head to Central Park. It was so nice going to the park late afternoon, the weather was perfect, but it was so bizarre for us to see Little League going on in the middle of the park and people sun tanning in swimsuits. We ended at The Plaza and Trump Tower since Stephen hadn't seen it yet.

Ignore my squinty eyes

After Trump Tower, we found a random Chinese restaurant (I don't remember the name) and got dumplings and general tso for dinner. It ended up bring really good! Afterwards, we headed over to 10below for some deliciously amazing rolled ice cream. We picked the closest one and laughed so hard when we popped up out of the subway... nothing but Chinese writing everywhere. Before we knew it, we were in China Town at night not knowing what anything was. We made it to the ice cream shop and had ourselves some delicious rolled ice cream and all was well :)

After ice cream, we headed back to the hotel ready for a good night sleep in The City :) Linking up with Annie.


  1. How fun!!! My husband surprised me a few years ago and proposed in NYC in Central Park... it was amazing and I can't wait to go back to relive it :)

  2. What hotel did you stay at? I'm going in August and need some hotel recommendations! Thank you!!

    1. We stayed at - the location was amazing, it was clean and updated! Tiny rooms but that's NYC unless you pay an arm and a leg ;) It was reasonably priced too!

    2. Thank you! I will check it out!

  3. Yay looks like you visited all of the best sights! It's not a trip to NYC unless you encounter some crazy individuals. Those soup dumplings look delicious!

  4. Stephen is brave! I'd NEVER drive in that city, even if it was only for a block! The ice cream looks so delicious and unique!

  5. You guys did so much! Glad you liked the Stardust Diner, such a unique restaurant! Those pictures are soo great and you definitely need to frame it :)