NYC | Day 3

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I'm back to recap our 3rd day in NYC, well, really my 3rd day because Stephen was at his conference all day. If you want to catch up, you can read day 1 here and day 2 here.

Sunday, I rode the train into the city an hour later than the day before and while my sister and her friend were getting ready, I strolled around 34th Street and Harold Square admiring the stores, wishing they were open since everything opened later on Sunday morning. After walking around for a little while, I headed back to Penn Station to grab a fun donut and then headed back to Harold Square. 

Macy's had the coolest window displays, all themed carnival

Finally, my sister and her friend were ready - they met me and we hopped on the subway towards Brooklyn to check out Smorgasburg. I had read about this a while ago over on Krista's Blog so I was excited to check it out. It was really interesting - a bunch of restaurants set up tents in park and you can purchase smaller sized items to try. It really was like a food and win festival. We got there probably around 11 am and there weren't too many people but when we left a few hours later, it was packed. I'd definitely recommend going. We didn't get too many things because we were pretty full but what we had was delicious! 

This was so delicious and 100% worth it!

Once we were done in Brooklyn, we headed back to Manhattan, checked out Times Square and then went inside Macy's to look around - I can't believe how big the store was!

The carnival theme was carried throughout the first floor of the store

Once we were tired of browsing Macy's, I headed back to Penn Station and caught the train back to NJ. Stephen picked me up and we headed over to a local diner that had been packed the past 2 nights but unfortunately, it wasn't very good. We wanted to get dessert so we found a frozen yogurt place but it ended up being closed!! We ended upsettledwith Baskin Robins and headed back to the hotel to pack and get to bed early so we could get into the city early the next morning.

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  1. That food looks so yummy!!! The first time I went to Macy's in NYC I was shocked by how massive it is!

  2. Loved seeing all the flowers! The city is so pretty in the Spring-ish and I've only ever been in the winter!

  3. I love the carnival theme! Crossing my fingers that I get to see all of this in a couple of year. Whatever that dessert is, it looks AMAZING! So fun that you got to hangout with your sister while you were there!! :)

  4. The Macy's display was quite extensive! I still can't believe how big that store is!