Disney | Days 2 & 3

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 2 was our big day at Epcot. My sister's boyfriend hadn't been to Epcot in years so we knew this was going to be a full day. I did some research and found that Magic Kingdom is most crowded on Mondays and then Epcot is most crowded on Tuesdays which is why we chose Epcot first. It really wasn't too crowded and the weather was nice which made for a wonderful day. We got there about 30 minutes before the park opened which was perfect when they opened the park 10 min early. We booked it to Frozen Ever After because we've never been able to get a Fast Pass and it's always 60+ minutes to wait. We waited about 5 minutes before getting to ride it - it was super cute but we think they could've done a little better on the ride.

Because we're basically Ana and Elsa lol

Afterwards, we headed towards Test Track because we heard it was shut down. We got there with a small line and they were about to re-open. We got in line and basically walked right on - it was literally perfect timing. Afterwards, we did a few other rides before our Sorin' Fast Passes and then we headed over to Norway for lunch. It'd been a while since we've eaten there - y'all, they had the BEST food and it's a fun character lunch with princesses. If you ever eat there, know it's unlimited ordering - they have a cold buffet but you order your meal from a menu, but you can order as many meals as you want. Our waiter was totally judging us when we all ordered 2 entrees... in our defense, we all had to try a little of everything and we ate all of it ;)

After our lunch, we desperately needed to walk off some of it so we hit the countries. My dad loves watching the different country movies and since it was Kieth's first time back at Epcot, my dad was able to get everyone on board to watch the movies. We continued to walk around and do a few more rides before the fireworks show. We headed home exhausted from a full 2 days of park walking.

Tuesday was our big Magic Kingdom day. Once again, we had great weather which is always a plus in Florida. We got to the park as it opened but my sister had a problem with her ticket so we missed being able to walk on some of the big rides. Once she got in, we ran to Space Mountain and only had to wait about 15 minutes. Afterwards, we were able to do our Fast Passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and then we took some pictures at the front of the castle. We had an early lunch reservation at Be Our Guest which was delicious, as always.

Of course we had to do the purple wall... the lighting is seriously the best there

We spent the rest of the day running around, doing rides and seeing shows. Later that evening, we split up for dinner before my dad re-proposed to my mom in front of the castle. This July is their 30th anniversary and my dad wanted to surprise my mom with a vow renewal at our favorite vacation destination, Hilton Head Island. He later decided he wanted to surprise my mom with a scavenger hunt at Disney to tell her about the renewal. It was the cutest thing - he had 6 clues, my sister and I took turns meeting them at various ride locations that were special to them before heading to the front of the castle where he re-proposed and then told my mom about the renewal. She was so excited and I'm so glad he went ahead and told her so she can plan. She had no clue when it came to planning her wedding (she'll be the first one to tell you that) so after finding out, she was so excited that she now gets to plan things for the renewal :)

An aggressive dip lol!!

We enjoyed strolling around the park with the evening temperatures and was able to do one last train ride around the park. We decided to watch Wishes (for the last time) from behind the castle in Fantasy Land and I'm so glad we did because as soon as it was over, we ran to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train which had a 10 minute line. We were so excited we were able to ride that - especially at night! Afterwards, we headed home and played a few rounds of cards before heading to bed.

If you'd like to catch up, you can see day 1 here.


  1. SO sweet and so fun - I simply adored following along with these snaps and your parents are the best! xo Love the pics and that top you did!

  2. Your parents are the cutest!!! Beating the crowds is always great and it sounds like you guys did a pretty good job - you're making me want to go to Disney now!!

  3. HOW SWEET ARE YOUR PARENTS?!?!?!? So sweet of your dad to plan all of that! My parents are celebrating their 30th anniversary this September and my sister and I are planning a surprise anniversary party for them. The "aggressive dip" comment made me LOL! LOVE those pictures of you, your mom, and sister with your shirts in front of the purple wall- too cute!!