Five on Friday

Friday, May 19, 2017

I'm finally back for another Five on Friday! This whole week, I've been blogging about our recent Disney trip - I hope you've enjoyed the posts and hopefully gotten a few good tips :) I can't believe it's already the weekend but I'm welcoming it with open arms. I've got a few orders to fill and Saturday, Stephen and I will be attending the Astronaut Hall of Fame Gala again and I'm so excited! I'm most excited to see the new heroes and legends exhibit - I'm a big Mercury 7 fan.

My mom bought me the cutest embroidered pineapple shorts from J Crew Factory and I'm obsessed with them. They are so comfortable and super adorable. I'm bummed because I planned to link them but now I can't find them anywhere online :( I did want to link the same shorts as my blue shorts I wore to Magic Kingdom - they're currently on sale.

Yesterday I decided to take a trip to the mall area to look for a couple new dresses I could wear to Napa (see below) and ended up bringing home this adorable black dress from the Who What Wear line at Target. I was shocked that it actually fit and wasn't too short. The material is also very structured but thin which makes it perfect for summer.

I've been listening to podcasts on my drives into work - a lot of people have been talking about a new podcast called S-Town so I decided to give it a try. I'll go ahead and save your time and tell you not to listen to it - I could be the only one who didn't like it but it was super crude and ended up with no real story line. There were a few twists which kept me interested and at one point I thought there was going to be a treasure hunt but nothing was resolved and it awkwardly ended. I just didn't enjoy it and am shocked it's #1. #endrant

We are so excited to be going to San Francisco and Napa in a few weeks!! I was offered the opportunity to go to Napa for a business trip and I jumped on it (a few years ago I never would've because I hate long flights); after Stephen loved bringing me on his NYC business trip, he wanted to come with me. It was tough, but we found a cheap flight for him and a great price on a hotel downtown San Francisco. I believe we have all of our site seeing nailed down but we need some good places to eat! We'll be in the city Saturday and Sunday morning then we'll head over to Napa so we also need some good winery recommendations - note, we don't really drink wine so we're looking for a beautiful place to walk around and take pictures ;)

Lately, my hair's been getting fairly long which I like but also don't like. I decided to continue to grow it out through the summer then chop it into a bob. After deciding that I'd go fairly short, I've decided to donate my hair to locks of love! I've never done this before and have always wanted to so I figured it's now or never :) I need to grow a few more inches so it might be well into the fall before I'm able to cut it.

Today I'm debuting some fun, monogrammed fleece blankets at PPE! I thought these would be perfect graduation gifts for high schoolers heading to college. I still have my first fleece blanket that I bought after high school and loved using it throughout college. I figured you could monogram with a fun color or college colors :) I have this darker grey color (seen below) and a lighter tan color.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. That dress is precious! I love it! And have SO much fun in Napa/San Fran! That's so awesome that y'all can tag along on each other's business trips. I wish Brandon had his current job before we had kids so I could do that, too! ;) Can't wait to see pictures from the Astronaut Gala (how fun!)! I'm a big Mercury 7 fan, too, and so wish they would bring back the TV show "Astronaut Wives Club!"

  2. I'm obsessed with J Crew shorts!!! Especially the pull-on "boardwalk" style ones 😂 Can't believe that dress is from Target!! It's phenomenal! 👌🏻

  3. I am in love with that black dress! And I totally miss traveling for work-I have done it a few times and would love to go to Napa, that sounds amazing!

  4. Okay, I want that dress in both colors now lol! So cute!!!! And you know I am loving those pineapple shorts!!!! WOO HOO for your trip to San Francisco and Napa coming up!!!!! So exciting! I haven't listened to that podcast, so I am glad you shared that because I have heard sooo many good things about it. I typically listen to podcasts about organizing lol so I don't really know what else is out there! Hope y'all have a great weekend and a great time at the gala! :)

  5. I love J Crew Factory! The majority of my shorts are from there. I love yours - super cute! Try to check out Peju Winery. They are a hidden gem and their grounds are beautiful. The most photographic place we visited was Beringer Estates. Have fun!!

    1. Thank you so much for the recommendations!! I'll definitely have to look into them :)

  6. Sooo jealous of your Napa/SF trip! I'm dyyyying to go there!