Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and the official last day of October!! We are officially moving into holiday season and I couldn't be more excited, yet feel so unprepared! I honestly feel like I missed fall this year - it's been so hot and we've been so busy; I only baked 1 pumpkin thing this year!

Anyways, after traveling for the past 2 weekends, we were looking forward to having a weekend at home. Even though we were home, it was packed to the max with parties and getting things ready for my niece's 1st birthday party next weekend. I feel like my list never ends!

Friday, Stephen got home from CA and since he was tired from traveling, we stayed home, cooked dinner and watched Singin' in the Rain (lol! It was fairly good). Saturday, we got up for a volunteer meeting at church before heading over to a friend's baby shower. It was the most beautiful shower and we can't wait for baby Olivia to get here!

This will be hard to follow - the mom-to-be is my SIL, Lauren's brother's wife. So my niece has 2 Aunt Ashley's and we got a kick out of the adorable labels

After we got home, we went to work pressure washing the driveway. Since the day we moved in, we've known our driveway needed some major work and Siena's upcoming party was just enough to make us do it. It was amazing how dirty the driveway and sidewalks were and now they're so bright! Later that evening, I worked on some party decorations while we watched the World Series and FSU game.


After - Ignore the giant cracks lol


After - and ignore the overgrown grass lol


After - I'm most excited about how well this turned out and got rid of that giant dark spot

Sunday, our church was celebrating their 20th anniversary so they threw a big service at a nearby park. We volunteered for it and were there until about 3 pm. We had a great time but we were exhausted and needed to get home to finish some projects. We finally finished the final 2 windows and now our whole house has upgraded blinds - goodbye metal ones!! We love them and are so glad it's finally done. 

Before - We actually had vertical blinds in the left window and horizontal, metal blinds in the right window. The vertical blinds had 2 missing panels so our guests had to close the curtains if they didn't want everyone walking by to see them lol 


I hope everyone had a great weekend and enjoys their Halloween! We'll be hanging out outside handing out candy and then walking around to see the "local" haunted houses in the neighborhood. 

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  1. A fun and busy weekend!! Pressure washing is like instant gratification! That baby shower looks soo cute and so fun that it was outside!

  2. Y'all got a lot done this weekend! Her baby shower was adorable, I love the name tags!!!! I can't wait to see what y'all have planned for her upcoming one- so exciting!! :) Y'all's driveway and sidewalk looks soooo good! We definitely need to pressure wash our driveway/sidewalk...it's so bad. Especially right in front of our door (of course, where everyone looks lol). We are hoping to borrow my dad's pressure washer very soon! Glad y'all had a great weekend! :)

  3. That shower looked so sweet! And we totally need to pressure wash so many things around our house, too!

  4. I know what you mean about feeling unprepared...I can't believe we are like 3 1/2 weeks away from Thanksgiving!! Love the dress you wore!! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I feel like this year just started! It has been a whirlwind for us. Anyway, I like your house and I think that a little over-grown grass never hurt anybody. Maybe it's a Southern thing, y'all!

  6. You look so dang fabulous and I just love yalls home!!