Thursday, November 3, 2016

It's been a while since I've done a good ole' confessions post and I've got some things I really need to get off my chest ;)

I confess...

That I'm so excited that it's already November, yet I can't believe that it's already November. I think we've packed ourselves so full this fall that I really haven't gotten to enjoy it like I usually do. Let's hope I can stick to my idea of not being as busy next year

That I made a Greek Humus over a month ago, mentioned it on the blog and planned to blog the recipe but after sitting down to work on it, Stephen and I both agreed it really wasn't that good lol

My best friend had her baby on Monday and she's the cutest little girl ever! I can't wait to meet her in December!

This is super random but I can't believe Jojo and Jordan are still together!!! Anyone else shocked they lasted this long!? I also will NOT be watching Nick's season

Today is my niece's 1st birthday and I don't know how in the world this year went by so fast! I feel like it's so unfair that she's so big already! Stephen and I are hosting her first birthday party for family and Orlando friends this weekend and I didn't realize how much work it was going to be getting the house ready! Hopefully Sunday will be a very nice and un-stressful day since the party will be Saturday

I can't believe how dark it's getting in the evenings now... It's like pitch black by 6:30/7 and we haven't even had the time change yet! I'm going to feel like a vampire because the only time there's sun, I'm sitting in my cube

I feel like every week I say how I want to be a better blogger and get more posts done and every week I barely get a Monday and Friday post up. I'm just going to confess it's probably going to stay that way until January...

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  1. I cannot believe it's November - this is crazy! I feel you on the blogging thing - this season is so busy some nights I'm just like eh.

  2. I HATE that it's getting dark early already...and it's going to be even worse after this DST!!!!! Yay for your friends baby and for your niece turning one! So exciting!! I know y'all are going to have a busy weekend so hoping Sunday you'll get to rest!!! I can't wait to see everything, y'all are so sweet for hosting it for them!!!!

  3. It is blowing my mind how dark it is early now!

  4. Totally agree about Jordan and Jojo. I still bet they don't get married but we'll see!!

  5. You're right, this year has gone by way too fast. I work nights, so it's dark when I go in to work and dark when I get off work. Happy birthday to your niece.