Go-To Dinner Recipes

Thursday, October 20, 2016

I really try to branch out when it comes to making dinners but a lot of times you have those dishes that are your go-to's. Stephen really likes them, I like them and they're fairly easy to make after a long day at work.

This is Stephen's favorite thing from the crock pot! It's easy to make but requires a few steps on the stove post crock pot. I also skip the pre-browning; I don't notice much of a difference with or without it.

We've only made this once but oh my, it was delicious! We're on a huge roasted brussels sprouts kick and this fits the bill! I will definitely be making it again in the future.

I'm not a huge fan of this dish (I think it's the chicken lol) but Stephen LOVES it! He thinks this is one of the best dishes I make :)

Sorry for the awful picture but I had to include this dish. We discovered this one while we were dating and we love it! It's easy to make, lasts us a few meals and has all the ingredients we love. It doesn't call for meat but we added a can of tuna in it once and it was quite delicious - so now we always include it.

I actually made this during the summer and after eating it, we both agreed it was more of a "fall" dish. I really need to make it again soon because it was SO good!

I recently discovered this recipe and I've made it a few times now (we actually ate this earlier this week). It is so delicious and even though it says creamy, it's really not that creamy. I totally kill the whole 30 and add pasta so it's a fuller dish.

Y'all, after discovering the magic of fresh kale, this has become our go-to salad. I used to buy bagged kale and it is THE WORST - you have to use fresh kale. This salad is so easy and filling! Even Stephen loves it :)

This pasta is so delicious and not like your regular pasta made with a jar of spaghetti sauce. You make your own sauce in the process (takes a little more time for this dish but not much) and it tastes so delicious. We love this dish and add some pre-made meatballs with it to get protein. 

Hopefully this helps anyone in a dinner rut and you enjoy these meals as much as we do! What are some of your go-to meals?

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  1. My mouth is literally watering and it's not even 9:00 yet lol. The all look so good, especially that last one!!!! We just had crock pot roast the other day, it's Matthew's favorite, and mine too since it doesn't require a whole lot of work or clean up ;) I would have killed the whole 30 thing too and add pasta...you just can't go wrong with pasta!!

  2. These all look so delicious! I love cooking this time of the year!

  3. yummy :) all looks so good!! Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com