#hirstcoloradoadventure day 6

Monday, September 12, 2016

We are coming to a close on our vacation to CO a few weeks ago. I honestly didn't expect to do a post for each day but there was too much to combine any of them! Only 2 posts left and since this weekend wasn't too eventful, I'm jumping right into our final days.

We left off on ending day 5 in Aspen and trying to see the Maroon Bells at night (which was kind of a fail). Since it was too dark when we got to Maroon Bells to get really good pictures, Stephen convinced me to get up early the next morning in order to try again. I'm so glad we woke up early to see the Maroon Bells during the day - it was so beautiful (and cold)!!

After seeing the Bells, we headed back to the hotel and walked to a nearby bakery for some breakfast pastries. It was so lovely eating our breakfast outside before most people were out and about.

After breakfast, we relaxed at the hotel for a few hours before making our way to Breckenridge. In order to get to Breckenridge from Aspen, you have to take Independence Pass. Stephen made this road sound like it was really scary but it wasn't too bad (thankfully!) and we even got some pictures at the top of the Continental Divide. On our way down, we stopped for lunch in Leadville which was a fun, old school town.


After lunch, we made our way into Breckenridge. We were so glad we had enough time to take a nap before meeting my friend from college and her boyfriend! I was so excited to get to see Brigitte in her own territory! She was so sweet and took us out on Lake Dillon before it started storming and thankfully we made it into the restaurant before the rain came down! It was so great catching up with her and I'm so glad Stephen got to meet her boyfriend :)

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  1. More gorgeous photos! You all are going to be talking about this vacation and the beautiful views you saw for years!!

  2. Such pretty pictures! You have me dreaming of Colorado and cooler weather!

  3. Gosh, what an amazing trip!!! John and I have explored southern Colorado quite a bit, but we are both wanting to make our way more north - and your photos have me ready to pack my bags!! :)

  4. LOVE the pictures!!!! The first picture in this post is one of my favorite ones you posted!!!! Seriously, amazing scenery!! So fun meeting up with your friends and getting to see their views on everything in their town! Love your adorable rain jacket, too, so cute!