Five on Friday

Friday, September 16, 2016

The Hirst household is officially ready for fall! Even though it's still 90+ degrees and we have summer storms every evening, the house is decorated for fall and all I need to do is start making pumpkin recipes ;) After getting my fall stuff out this year, I realized I had a fair amount of things I didn't want to use and I had a ton of fall foliage. I tried to spread the fall decorations around the house - so I just have some small touches throughout the major rooms.

This is my favorite print out - I have a feeling I will use this site for all future prints ;)

I thought I was going to change out the flowers for every season, but I like them too much to change

After getting back from our Colorado trip, we knew we wanted to get a bunch of pictures printed for the house and to hold onto for the future. I love printed pictures, there's something so special about being able to easily look through my parents' photos of us as kids. Every time we've used a drugstore in recent time, the quality has been sub-par; I knew it was time to find an online service. Owen recommended using mpix for prints and I am now a lifetime customer. The website was so easy to use, even with shipping it was cheaper than our local drug store, they were delivered within a few days and the quality is amazing!

To go along with #2, I knew I wanted a bunch of different picture frames for our Colorado pictures so I browsed the isles of Homegoods and hit the jackpot. I'm really happy with how they all tie together and match with the house :) 

Stephen was so sweet and hung the left 3 pictures for me last night :)

We are so excited because we're visiting our friends in GA this weekend! They recently moved up there and we've never visited them before so we knew a fall trip was a must. Even though it'll still be hot, at least it won't be FL hot ;) Our friend is working with photography and so graciously offered to take our pictures for us. We're so excited but I had the hardest time picking out outfits! Here are the ones I've settled on (ignore the dusty mirror):

I want a tassel necklace but only have a black one so I'm not sure if it matches however, I LOVE these Laura Cox necklaces

I'm pretty sure the blinds we currently have are original to the house = they're awful... We desperately need to update them and are willing to do them ourselves. I'd love to find out if any of y'all have installed new blinds before, what kind did you get and where did you buy them?

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. Love all the fall décor!! I am definitely going to check out that photo company because I need to order some prints. The outfits you picked out for pictures are so cute!! You can get really nice ones at Home Depot or Lowe's especially if you can catch them on sale and they will cut them to fit your windows for you.

  2. I love the table you have behind your sofa! My mother-in-law uses mpix and has been really impressed with them. And, we had to replace the wooden blinds in our house about a year after we moved in, and we got ours at Home Depot. Brandon hung them really easily in about an hour (and we had a LOT to replace)!

  3. Cute cute cute fall decor! I love it all! And I'm dying over that table behind your couch, reminds me of Andrea's from Momfessionals! Love it!

  4. Love all your fall décor!! I have like NONE sadly! Our living room has all touches of blue so I feel like Fall décor doesn't really match :(

  5. Love all your fall decor! I haven't even started decorating here! Fall is my favorite season though! Your outfits are super cute.

  6. Fall is my favorite time of year. I really like that monogrammed pumpkin.

  7. You often choose a lot of stuff that I would pick out myself - the clothes, fall decorations, and I love the regular colors throughout your house. Great minds think alike. ;)

  8. Loving your Autumn touches - so magazine worthy :) Oh, Homegoods - i always feel I see amazing things when I don't need them, and then when I go specifically to get certain things, they have ZERO. Is it just me??

  9. LOVE your fall deor, it is all so cute! Thanks for sharing about that photo company, I desperately need to have our wedding pictures printed off lol I am so behind! LOVE the outfits your picked out and can't wait to see y'all's pictures, so exciting!!!!!

  10. Love that you got the fall decor out - it looks great! I just got ours out over the weekend and even though it's still warm, even here, I love having it out! I hope you had a great visit to GA!