#hirstcoloradoadventure day 4

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm picking back up on our CO vacation we took 2 weeks ago with day 4 which was the day we headed to Glenwood Springs! Day 3 we did horseback riding and hiking in Vail which was an absolute blast (kind of minus the hike ;)).

Tuesday morning, we woke up and got on the road so we could get over to Hanging Lake before it got crowded. Definitely make sure if you ever do Hanging Lake, that you get there early (we got there around 9am) because it gets super crowded quickly. Hanging Lake was 1 mile there and back which was a lot easier than the Booth Falls hike we did the day before - don't get me wrong, it was still difficult hiking uphill. We really enjoyed this hike because on the way up, the trail was pretty empty and it was beautiful! There was constant water running down the side of the mountain as we hiked our way up and then once you get to the actual lake, there's another waterfall if you hike about 0.2 miles up past the lake.

This was a great hike and the views were beautiful! By the time we got back down, the parking lot was completely full and people were circling for parking spots! After finishing the hike, we grabbed lunch and headed over to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park which was a blast! I don't have too many pictures of the park but basically, you take a gondola to the top of a small mountain where a full theme adventure park. They had an alpine slide, zip line, roller coaster, and a few swings off the side of the canyon. We just stuck to the alpine slide and zip line which was an absolute blast!!

He was SO excited to do the alpine slide

Knowing that Glenwood Springs was known for their hot springs, we wanted to visit one of them. I've heard they have the "original" Glenwood hot springs off the side of the interstate which wasn't as nice but Iron Mountain Hot Springs was recommended to me so once we found out they had a combo pass with the adventure park, we knew we had to do that one! Oh my goodness, this place was amazing! It was like a spa and soo relaxing which was definitely needed after the past few hikes. I actually fell asleep in one of the pools lol

There were multiple pools and all had different temperatures ranging from 100-109 degrees. They also had a big pool that was more for families and kids.

After our first round of the springs, we ran to get dinner at Slope and Hatch before heading back over to the springs. We wanted to stay until it got dark to see what it was like since they were open until 10pm but a storm rolled in and kicked everyone out.

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  1. More gorgeous pictures. Those nachos look delicious. I hope I can go to Colorado someday. I have never left the East Coast states.

  2. Ah again it looks like so much fun! That water is gorgeous! Have a great day girl!

  3. So many beautiful pictures!! I have never been to Colorado but hope to one day.

  4. Gorgeous!! The hike looks super fun & the springs after to relax are perfect!

  5. Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful there! I can't believe how clear the water is at those falls - for someone who loves the water like me, that's heaven!

  6. Oh my goodness, all of those pools! That is just a dream lol. If we ever go to CO I definitely want to stay there at one point!! Sad about the storms kicking y'all out! And of course, love all the pictures!! Seriously, so pretty with those mountains in the background!!!!

  7. This looks like sooo much fun! The hot springs sounds amazingggg