#hirstcoloradoadventure day 5

Thursday, September 8, 2016

After our day in Glenwood Springs on Tuesday, we woke up early on Wednesday and headed out to Aspen, CO. The first thing on the schedule was seeing the Aspen Grottos which Stephen was most excited about. This was our last hike for the trip and this one ended up being the easiest. The grottos were amazing and so beautiful! We spent a lot of time here and loved seeing the waterfalls and ice caves.

These were the ice caves which we found first on our hike and didn't realize they were the ice caves so we kept looking for them before realizing we already found them

Stephen was climbing all over the rocks and I was over it at this point so he got a picture of me waiting to leave

This was definitely my favorite of the 3 hikes. Afterwards, we were starving so we headed to the Hickory House for lunch. Stephen and his brother sat next to Heidi Klum when they stopped through on one of his intern trips! Unfortunately, we didn't see anyone famous this time but the food was great! After lunch, we walked around Aspen and got some ice cream before checking into our hotel. We stayed at Mountain Chalet which really surprised me in that the bathrooms were updated and the room wasn't as bad as it looked online.

Cheesin in front of the hotel

We rested and got cleaned up for dinner - I don't remember what the name of the restaurant was but it was a delicious and seriously adorable French place. While at the restaurant, Stephen decided he did in fact want to go see the Maroon Bells so we saw you can take your car in before 8am and after 5pm. The sun was starting to set so we ran over there after dinner to see if we could make it without having to go back in the morning. We were able to see the bells but it was pretty dark so after much convincing on Stephen's end, we decided to go back early the next morning.

After getting back, we were went to bed and got ready for our early wake up call.

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  1. More lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Gorgeous! Ice caves sound SO cool. Looks like you all got a lot of exercise & them seriously yummy food as a nice reward!

  3. BEAUTIFUL! I am dying to go there one day!! I love that picture of you on the bridge by yourself, so cute! That little French place looks adorable! So pretty! And that would SO be me waiting on the rocks on my husband lol. Glad y'all had such a good time!! :)