Our Home: One Year Later | Dining Room

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hands down, our dining and living room are the rooms that have come the furthest during this past year. For the most part, I think our dining room is complete. We have room to add a bench or buffet but I don't want it blocking our china cabinet - which I'm obsessed with (you can read that story here). Maybe one day, I'll be able to convince Stephen to replace the painting on the wall with a big mirror and add white plates around it... maybe ;)

For dramatic effect, here's our before and after:

Everything from our original dining room was from my parents. After finding the china cabinet, we sold the breakfast buffet. The table was my dad's from college and it really held up over the years but it was time to go. We actually still have it sitting in Stephen's room but we really need to sell it.

We were originally going to build our own farmhouse table but after stopping in a random furniture warehouse, we couldn't pass up the one we bought since it was a great price and really what we were looking for. We also found the china cabinet for a STEAL at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Vero Beach.

Stephen made me the perfect centerpiece box! Can't wait to fill it with flowers for each season

The room is a little bit of an awkward layout with the hallway right in the middle but I feel this layout works really well. There's a large wall on the opposite side that maybe we'll add a buffet to or something... one day. We're definitely going to fill it up with pictures once we have kids and pictures to fill it with. One day, along with changing out the painting, I'd like to change the chandelier but that's going to be a long ways away and a lot of convincing ;)

You can see our original dining room here.

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  1. In love with the china cabinet. Such a beautiful room! :)

  2. I love it!!!! It all looks so good! And you already know how much I LOVE your china cabinet!!! All the heart eye emojis!