Weekending - Siena's Baptism

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our sweet niece and goddaughter, Siena was baptized this weekend and we were so glad we got to be apart of it!

Starting with Friday, my sister and 3 of her friends were driving down from school to go to Disney for the long weekend so they stopped in to stay the night. They got in around 2am (I was definitely asleep before they got there... I can't hang) and left the next morning around 7:30am. We got up early to cook them breakfast with our new griddle and I finally got to use my new serving dishes I got for Christmas.

After the girls left, we headed down south but not before stopping at the Restoration Hardware outlet on the way. I had high hopes that they'd have some good things but was skeptical - oh boy, we're stopping in every time we head south! They had so much stuff for fantastic prices! We were on the lookout for a dining table, a china cabinet or 2 winged back chairs. I about died when I saw this china cabinet. I had been looking at it online and LOVED it but at a price tag of $2,300 (and now on sale for $1,400) I knew it'd be a distant dream. Well, thankfully it was deemed "unworthy" for someone because of a few paint chips on the bottom corners and we were able to buy it for less than $900 and it's basically in perfect condition! We had it delivered yesterday and I can't wait to get my china in it (finally, after 2.5 years!!). 

After getting the cabinet taken care of, we finished our journey to South Florida just as the rest of Stephen's family got to town. The boys went out on the boat and the girls did a shopping trip, which was a lot of fun! After shopping, John & Lauren made us a delicious Polish dinner and then we hit the tennis courts. John & Lauren are still the un-defeated tennis champs - Stephen and I have to get out and practice ;)

Sunday we got ready and headed over to the church for the baptism. It was sweet because their pastor was out on a missions trip so the pastor that married John & Lauren in Orlando preached and Stephen's dad did the baptism (he's a pastor too). After church, we headed to Bonefish Grill for an amazing brunch.

The cake was beautiful and sooo delicious!!! Publix does the best job!

After brunch, we headed back to their house for a little bit and Siena surprised Stephen with her super cool uncle shirt. It was so adorable, even though she wasn't a huge fan of the shades ;)

She didn't like it too much... lol her little face when she cries is just too adorable

Much better

We made it home just in time to get groceries before Publix closed (hence why this post is a day late - we had to work Monday :/). We're still exhausted and will be recovering all week but it was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of family!

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  1. What a great weekend! My daughter got baptized too on Sunday and it was so special to have family there. Love the uncle onesie!

  2. What a wonderful weekend! I love what you wore to the baptism and Siena could not have been any cuter! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I had to work yesterday too :( Such a fun weekend y'all had!!! The pictures of your niece with Stephen are too cute! She is just adorable and always looks so happy! LOVE your china cabinet, it looks perfect!!!! Also, loving your dress- so cute!

  4. Mmm that cake looks delicious and the breakfast too - so nice of you to wake up early to make them breakfast! The baptism looks like such a lovely time!

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Siena is too adorable. What a great RH find!! We have an outlet near us but I have yet to find a score that good. Love that cabinet!