Five on Friday

Friday, August 5, 2016

Goodness, so much has been going on recently and while life is crazy, I wouldn't have it any other way. One of the crazy things that I'd rather deal without is the fact that our AC just went out - when the 2 of us are home for 2 days.

I was so excited when my sister offered to get me a pair of Converse Shoreline shoes for my birthday. I love the look of them - they definitely look better on me than regular Converses. I was really excited to wear them to Chicago and they were a dream! So comfortable and very cute. If you're thinking of getting a pair, I'd highly recommend them.

Some of y'all have probably already heard this story but it's just too crazy not to mention again. On Monday, I pulled up to get gas and after looking at the car in front of me, I realized he was letting gas flow out of his car and all onto the floor. He knew exactly what was happening and continued to pump gas all over the side of his car and the floor. I hollered at him and said he was getting gas everywhere, he replied saying he knew and there was a problem... ummmm ya think!? So I immediately left and called the gas station. They didn't see him out there anymore so I started wondering if I was seeing things. The next day I drove by and saw a cone up at that pump - so at least I know it happened and thankfully the gas station didn't blow up lol Such a weird thing to see!!

We are so excited for the Olympics to start today!! We loved watching the US women's trials and the swimming trials! I need to finish my current season of Gossip Girl because the Olympics will probably be on our TV from here on out. I've seen some crazy pictures of the conditions people are staying in down in Rio and it looks awful... Hopefully everything goes well for everyone and they stay safe!
I know everyone's already talked about it by now and probably tired of hearing it but ugh, I can't believe Jojo picked Jordan on the Bachelorette!! Actually, I can believe it but I think it was an awful decision! During/after the proposal, it looked like they were actually in love but seeing them post-show, they don't look happy at all. I've heard lots of rumors that they're not together and everything's a hoax so that'll be interesting to see how it plays out...

After seeing the preview for Bachelor in Paradise at the end of After the Rose, I kind of want to watch it but 4 hours of the Bachelor a week is just too much...

I am so excited because one of my best friend's is having her baby shower tomorrow! I haven't seen her since her wedding last May because she lives in Alabama. I cannot wait to shower them and their sweet baby girl!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. So, so excited for the Olympics! And yes, cannot believe she picked Jordan, yuck! So sorry your A/C went out. I can totally commiserate living in Texas in the summer...its just awful! Hoping you get some relief soon!

  2. We have definitely been there...sweating inside because our AC went out lol. Hoping Stephen can fix it very soon!! Loving your new shoes, so sweet of your sister! My younger sister has a pair and I have borrowed them a time or two lol. Can't believe that about the gas station...your snaps were cracking me up, but I definitely would have left too!!!

    Hope y'all have a great (and cool) weekend!! :)

  3. I wonder why that guy let gas flow. Doesn't he know it costs money?!
    I forgot that Bachelor in Paradise has started. Now that you reminded me, I'm going to keep up with it on Hulu.