Weekending: Camilla's Baby Shower

Monday, August 8, 2016

This weekend has been quite interesting to say the least... Thursday, I took off of work to take Stephen to get a small procedure done. When we woke up that morning, it was super hot and our thermostat was out of batteries so I had Stephen replace them before leaving so the house would be cooled down by the time we got back. Well, we got back and the house was still hot - I knew then we had a problem. Stephen thought he could fix the problem so I have him 1.5 days to work on it and once he exhausted all his options, we finally called someone and found out the whole unit was toast.

Friday, I worked from home (I should've gone over to Starbucks so I wasn't in the heat) and Stephen got quotes for a unit replacement. Thankfully, we'll have someone out today to replace the unit but goodness, you never fully appreciate something until it's gone! We were so happy that evening because we met our friends for dinner - we hadn't seen them in a while and we couldn't wait to get out of the heat! We had a great time catching up with them and trying a new restaurant. Unfortunately, it was hotter  Friday night than Thursday night and I had a rough time sleeping.

I was up early Saturday to head over to the Southwest coast of FL for my best friend's baby shower! Thankfully, one of our friends lives in Orlando and was able to drive me down there - not sure if I would've made it if I had to drive by myself and we had a fun time catching up! The baby shower was soo sweet and the epitome of Camilla and baby Eloise :) Her mom threw a tea party and my friend, Amanda, came up with some great games!

The bridesmaids together again (minus 1)

It was so much fun seeing everyone again! The last time we were all together was Camilla's wedding, last May. Before we knew it, it was time to make the 3 hour trek back to Orlando. I got home late that evening and Stephen had a friend over to watch the Olympics (poor guy had to deal with our heat). We hung out for a little before his friend left and we decided to sleep on the floor in our family room because that was the coolest room in the house.

I cannot wait to meet baby Eloise!!!

Isn't she the prettiest mom-to-be!?

Sunday, we went to church and then stretched out our time away from home with running errands at Target and Publix. After getting home, we set up shop on the family room floor trying to stay cool and watched the Olympics. I never anticipated how rough it'd be in August in FL without AC... I have no motivation to do anything but sit under the fan. The heat literally takes everything out of you! Even though it's been a hot few days, I am thankful that we can afford the AC work, I'm not pregnant and dealing with this, we don't have young children sweating inside and Stephen already had off work Monday so he can take care of things!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! Linking up with Biana.


  1. She is the cutest little mom-to-be! (And I'm still sorry about your A/C -- ugh!)

  2. The baby shower looks so darling and so sorry to hear about your AC - I can't imagine!

  3. My AC was out one night in late spring when it was unseasonably warm - definitely not a fun experience! That baby shower looks lovely, though. What a nice little break from the stressful weekend!

  4. Yikes that is MISERABLE! I'm 100% certain I would die and convince my husband to get me a hotel room hahah. And what a pretty baby shower!

  5. Hope everything is okay with Stephen!! The baby tea was absolutely adorable!! Such a cute idea. I love your dress, too! So cute and perfect for summer!!!! Such a bummer that your AC was out over the weekend, but I'm glad y'all got it fixed now!!!!