Five on Firday

Friday, January 15, 2016

Is it just me or did this week seem incredibly slow? This week was a lot slower than last week which surprises me since last week was the first week back at work.

This weekend, we're heading south to my BIL & SIL for our sweet niece's baptism. I can't wait to see them again and get to hold Siena! Stephen and I are so blessed to be her godparents and we can't wait to watch her grow up :) As a side note, I recently found out that there's a Restoration Hardware outlet on our way to their house. I cannot wait to stop in and see what they have!! Hopefully it's good stuff for cheap but I doubt it.. Has anyone else ever been to a RH outlet?

I am obsessed with their china cabinets and dining room tables

My car is from 2007 and for the past year or two, my dashboard has slowly been melting. Like it was legit melted and was disgusting. I even had parking papers sticking to it and leaving residue because it was so sticky. Thankfully, I was issued a warranty claim and FINALLY got it replaced this week. To say I'm excited about it is an understatement. One step closer to getting my mom car ;)

The other night, I made Stephen's favorite meal (well favorite meat for a meal) Rancher's Roast and did a quick snapchat instructional video. I wanted to share the link if anyone wanted the actual recipe; it can be found here.

Y'all, if you watch the Bachelor you HAVE to check out Sheaffer's blog posts where she recaps each episode every Wednesday. This girl is an absolute riot and 100% spot on with her reviews!! So hysterical!

I've been loving the new Andy Grammer song and can't seem to get enough of it right now! Anyone else love his new song?

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I love Restoration Hardware and had no idea they had an outlet!! The Bachelor is so good so far this season and Sheaffer is spot on with her Olivia/howler monkey comparison! Have fun on your trip this weekend :)

  2. LOVE Sheaffer's Bachelor recaps! They're like half of the fun of watching the show for me! And I didn't even know RH Outlets exist - that sounds dangerous ;) Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my goodness!
    Those pictures of Olivia-HILARIOUS.
    She's too much haha!!

  4. HA. When Olivia came on TV with those faces, I was like "oh, she is gonna get it" - meaning everyone would be laughing at her! That mouth!