First Five on Friday of the New Year

Friday, January 8, 2016

I can't believe we've officially finished the first week of the 2016 and I'm writing my first Five on Friday of 2016! Congratulations to all of you who survived the first work week.

While in TN, we visited a used bookstore and I found a book all about Modern Manners. It looked neat and informative so I snagged it for $5. We haven't gotten very far, but I read it to Stephen on our drive down to Okeechobee last weekend and it is fantastic! We're both learning so many important tools and we haven't even finished the first chapter. I'm excited to read the next section - how to mingle at a work cocktail hour.

Speaking of Okeechobee, we got an adorable ornament from my BIL & SIL for Christmas (post coming next week). I just thought it was so sweet and adorable that I had to share it early. We both bought our first houses this year so they gifted us a new home ornament from their new home.

After seeing the reviews for Ant Man, I decided against seeing it and didn't think I'd like it at all. The other weekend, my mom was telling me how much she loved it and couldn't wait to buy it on DVD. I figured we should give it a shot since she loved it so much so we watched it and I'm not going to lie, it wasn't that bad! It was a pretty good movie and Paul Rudd brought the humor which added to the fun. If any of y'all have seen it - all those ants gave me the heebeegeebees anytime they came on screen.

Yesterday at work, we decided to take part in the Bachelor Fantasy Draft that ABC is currently hosting. I've never done a football fantasy draft so I figured this would be really fun! We're not 100% on the rules but we decided there's no money involved (winner will get a chocolate rose), you get a point for every girl that you get right and there's no cheating on finding out who wins in the end. I'm super excited for this, so now I've got to step up my Bachelor game and make sure I'm watching.

We're so excited to finally have a relaxing weekend at home. Even though we relaxed a lot in TN, we weren't at home and able to get some things done that we need to. We're very much looking forward to relaxing, sleeping in and getting things checked off our house list!


  1. Have a great weekend.

  2. I love the idea of Bachelor Fantasy Draft! My husband and I always pick a winner after the first episode and he has actually been right 3 times - it's insane! I picked the Lauren that was the very first girl out of the limo :) Happy Friday!

  3. Ah I always want to fill the draft out - guess it's not to late yet!! Hope you have a great weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. that michael kors watch is perfection ( just posted about my favorite on my instgram ha ) and love the bachelor fantasy draft! how fun! Glad I found your blog through the link up! I can't wait to keep reading your blogging journey this year and hope you stop by mine too!

  5. LOVE that ornament! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift. That book does sound interesting!! I love finding books like that on a whim. We watched Ant Man but I just couldn't get into it, probably because I was so tired when we watched it lol but I fell asleep about half way through. I need to try watching it again!!

    Hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

  6. I really want to borrow that book! ;-) Here's to a relaxing and productive weekend! Best,

  7. I love etiquette books! Yay for the Bachelor being back!!

  8. That ornament is the CUTEST! I'd love to give those as gifts!

  9. That book sounds very interesting! Let me know how you end up liking it, I may just purchase it.

  10. I love that ornament!! I'd be curious to know how you liked the book after you finish it!

  11. I love the bachelor fantasy spread sheet. Can't wait to fill mine out. Are you doing one with friends or on the blog? Our family gave us a Christmas ornament this year too. Ours read, "We love you a latte" and it had two coffee cups with our names on it. Too cute.

    Kaitlyn @

    1. I just filled mine out and hopefully I've gotten the majority of the girls correct! I'm actually doing it with a few co-workers but maybe it'd be fun to open it up to bloggers next season - we'll have to see how this one goes :) That ornament sounds adorable!