2016 Summer Vacation

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

We've been going back and forward with Stephen's family trying to figure out vacation plans for this summer. Originally we were going to take a big family trip to the Bahamas, where they've been going their whole childhood, as a guarantee the whole family can go before more kids are added to the Hirst clan. That plan fell through so then we were going to go with his brother, wife and new baby. After thinking about it, we all weren't dying to go and bringing the baby could be risky in a lot of different ways. So after deciding against a family vacation, we settled on a vacation Stephen's been wanting to take for years - Colorado. 

Stephen interned for 2 summers out in Denver and loved it. He's been wanting to take me on a big vacation there to see some of the fun mountain cities. We're looking to go in the June-August time frame and I would LOVE some ideas/advice that y'all have. We're thinking about flying into Denver and staying a night then driving out to Vail for a few days then hitting another city for a few days before returning to Denver for a night and heading home. What would be another fun CO mountain city to visit in the summertime? Breckenridge and Keystone are close to Vail and on the way back to Denver but we're not 100% sure what the other city would be. 

I'd love to hear any recommendations you have! We'd like to keep all the stops within the same area since we'll be driving. 

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  1. Oh em gee, take me when ya'll go! We are always OBX goers but I have been craving a Charleston trip like crazy! I've never been to CO but I'm craving that now too - Can't wait to see pics when ya'll go! Happy hump day girl! xoxo

    1. OBX is nice enough, but it's always nice to do something different. Charleston in great and so is Savannah and Atlanta if you are vacationing in the South

  2. We are headed out west this Summer too! I think it's great that you guys are headed somewhere different than usual. I've only ever been to Denver so I can't make any recommendations but I would love to see where you guys go.

  3. This will be such fun! We got the Vail bug this holiday season and heading out that way is high up on our travel list too!

  4. SO exciting!!!! I have been telling Matthew for months that I want to take a trip to Denver one day lol. It just looks so pretty! I can't wait to read all about y'all's trip!! :)