Five on Friday

Friday, December 11, 2015

Welcome to another Five on Friday! The official count is 1 more week of work and 2 more weeks until Christmas - I cannot wait!

Every year I like to make the co-workers in my group a little Christmas goodie. Last year, I made them Chex Mix in a mason jar - my boss still has his mason jar stilling on his desk lol This year, I made my sister's Toll House Cookies and put them in these little Chinese take out boxes that I got from Michaels for about $.50 each. Even though it's not much, my co-workers always seem to appreciate this little gesture. If you need some other fun options for co-worker gifts you can find some here.

Every year, we also like to give a little something to the mail man. I would love to make him some cookies but I'm just not sure if he'd eat something homemade now a days. We usually go with a candy cane full of candy and a little card.

At Thanksgiving, my SIL had this delicious blueberry vanilla goat cheese that she picked up at Publix. She mentioned that they tried the cranberry cinnamon goat cheese and loved it as well so when I saw some at our Publix, I had to get some to try. It was super delicious and festive, especially with the snowflake crackers.

My company always hosts a big Christmas lunch for everyone that spans over 4 days. We actually waited in line for like 15 minutes to get the free lunch. Ask anyone in the office and they'd confirm that I'm OBSESSED with the corn bread. It's the best corn bread I've ever eaten and even had my friend go back and snag me some more the next day.

Now that Stephen and I live in a neighborhood, we've been walking around to see the Christmas lights instead of driving around. Granted this really only works because it's 70 degrees here and not freezing but we've been loving our time together, looking at lights! We've been counting the amount of houses that have the new fad - laser lights - so far, we've gotten half way through the neighborhood and counted 26 houses with the lasers,


  1. That is so sweet of you to make little goodies for your co-workers! I'm sure they really appreciate it. I can't wait until we live in a neighborhood and can walk around and look at Christmas lights- that seems so fun!! I have noticed some laser lights this year, too!

    Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Those cookies!