Christmas Photos

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Last week I debuted our Christmas card but never shared any of the other pictures we took. Even though these pictures were taken with a tripod, in our back yard and not at an adorable tree farm, I think they turned out pretty well! Here are some other pictures from that day

This was supposed to be one of those cute blanket pictures but the blanket was wayy too big. This quilt was actually handmade from Stephen's home church as a wedding gift

Cheesin' with our coffee mugs in 80 degree Florida

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  1. They all turned out great! It will be nice to look back at these photos and know they were in your backyard rather than a tree farm! But a tree farm would be super cute too!

  2. You two are just too cute! Love them all!

  3. I love these!! They all turned out so, so cute! Your outfits look good, too!

    I love the story behind the blanket, that's so sweet. We tried making a picture with a cute Christmas blanket I bought a few years ago, but it was too small lol.

  4. Love that you two are rockin flannel, vests, blankets, and hot mugs in 80degrees! Super cute photos!