Monday, December 7, 2015

I'm not going to lie, this weekend was hard on me. I like to stay positive on this space of mine, but this is real life and my weekend wasn't all that great - granted, it wasn't all that bad either. Thursday, Stephen was supposed to have his last launch of the year and then we were going to celebrate Christmas all weekend together. Well, the FL weather has not been cooperating (I mean, it's 80 degrees for goodness sake) and constant rain scrubbed the launch Thursday. Friday looked a little more promising, but high winds scrubbed the launch again. Two 12 hour days in a row for Stephen. I am very understanding when this stuff happens with Stephen's work because there's nothing he can do about it and it's the nature of the business he's in, but since this was cutting into our Christmas time, I started getting very upset about it. Let me also preface that I was just super emotional all weekend which did not help one bit.

Friday night I ran a bunch of errands and was super productive. I even found a pair of Sam Edelman sandals at T.J. Maxx for only $35 - thanks for that Christmas gift, Stephen ;) I had really high hopes that they'd launch Friday and we'd get to spend the weekend together, but they scrubbed again for high winds which got me down again. I felt like everything kept going wrong when I was out on Friday - it really wasn't that bad but I just kept noticing every little thing. After getting home around 8:30, we both ate dinner and headed to bed. 

Saturday, Stephen had to go to work around 10 am so we were able to spend some time together that morning. I made breakfast and we watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. After he left for work, I was about to get going on my long to-do list and then the power went out. Everything I could think of to do was out of the question - ironing, vacuuming, blogging, finishing my movie, baking cookies - everything required power! I couldn't even leave the house because my car was in the garage. You don't realize how important electricity is until you don't have it anymore. I decided to wrap Stephen's gifts and after getting the first one done, the power came back on. After the power came back on, I headed back to Target to return some command strips I bought the night before and didn't read that you couldn't use them on windows. After getting home, I put the garland back up (for the third time) but this time I put the strips above the door and not on the frame. It seems to be working so hopefully it'll stay up through Christmas. I also added wreaths to our windows out front and am obsessed with them!

After thinking about all the things I had to be thankful for instead of focusing on all the things that were going wrong, I started feeling better. I was just throwing myself a constant pity party. The rest of the day I busied myself with my long to-do list, finished wrapping all of Stephen's gifts and finished The Holiday and watched A Royal Christmas (super cheesy but cute none-the-less). Thankfully, they scrubbed the launch before fueling and getting ready for the count, so Stephen was able to come with me to our Bible study Christmas party - which I thought I'd have to go alone to. We were about an hour late but I'm so glad Stephen was able to come with me! I didn't get any pictures (fail) but I made crock pot green beans and baked Brie (the Brie was a HIT). After the party, we found out there was a neat Christmas lights display at a nearby park and as soon as we were in line to get in, it started raining. We checked off and headed home to watch Christmas with the Kranks and some hot apple cider.

Our gifts for the Christmas party - got these bags 2/$1 in the $1 section at Target. They're so cute!

Sunday, Stephen had to work again but by yesterday, I was back to my usual non-emotional self. I'm bummed he had to miss out on some of our plans Sunday (which I was most excited for) but I know it's worse for him since he's actually at work and I'm not. I spent the morning ironing and then headed out to the outlets over in Orlando. I found some great deals for Christmas and then ran over to Downtown Disney to meet my friend from NC for dinner. Thankfully, Stephen launched Sunday (yay no chance of a Christmas launch!) and so he was able to meet us for dinner. I'm so glad we got to see Kathryn and meet her husband!

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  1. I'm sorry to hear that you were feeling so down this weekend. I can totally understand feeling emotional, especially when you were expecting to spend time with your Husband and it didn't go as planned. My Husband and I had to be long distance for years so even if you only get to see Stephen for a short time each day, that's a wonderful thing. Hopefully, you guys can reschedule your holiday plans since his launch was successful. Oh and randomly, but I have those same sandals in white--also from TJMaxx for $20. Don't you just love that place-they have the best deals.

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your weekend wasn't everything you wanted it to be. I know it can be hard when you have an idea of what your weekend is going to be and then that doesn't happen. I would be emotional about it too!

  3. You're allowed to be upset about those kind of things! It sounds extra frustrating! Hopefully y'all can squeeze in some more Christmas quality time soon! :)

  4. I can totally see how those little things start to wear on you - but you made the most out of what you could and kept on going!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Bummer about the power going out!! Love your wrapping paper, too!

  6. Glad you guys got to do a few festive things despite what you were actually suppose to do. That would have gotten me down too but love that you pushed on with the weekend! I love the wreaths on your windows!

  7. Sorry to hear that your weekend wasn't what you expect. I know how upsetting that can be. Better days are ahead.

  8. Hate that your weekend didn't go as planned, but glad y'all were able to squeeze in a few Christmas activities together!! I hate when I am emotional and then everything seems to be going wrong so it makes me even more emotional...being a girl is rough sometimes lol!

    I have done the same thing when my power has gone out before. Literally everything I wanted to do involved using power, so frustrating!!

    I LOVE the wreaths on your windows!! So cute and they are the perfect size!