Thoughts for Thursday

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I don't think I've ever done a blog post gab of random thoughts before but what better time to do my first one than for Thoughts for Thursday.

I am so excited it's officially October! I love this month - fall is officially in full swing, the temperatures should be cooling down and most exciting of all, our niece is due this month!!! It'll just keep getting better from here!

Gah, I just LOVE her hair! I wish so bad I could get mine to curl like that! I am AWFUL with curling hair, especially with bigger waves/curls like this and that makes me sad. Wish I had some hair-savvy girls in my life.

The other day, Carly over at College Prepster shared an old post she did on how to roll your sleeves like J Crew. I have noticed J Crew does it differently and always really liked it but couldn't recreate it. Can't wait to try to do this!

I could die over this adorable etched pie dish. I have etched a few pyrex items but I have to use stencils because I don't know how to do it with the transfer paper. One day I'll get brave and try it. These are perfect Christmas gifts!

After finally getting some booties, I'm itching to wear them all the time! Unfortunately, I can't wear them to work but I'm hoping to break them back out on Friday! I got to break them in over the weekend with my new Vineyard Vines dress.

Love her look!

This made me laugh... Unfortunately it's very true and I need to do something to start working out. I just feel like we never have time during the week and I'm already up at 6am and don't want to be waking up at 5am to go running.
I love a freshly made bed (I try to make ours everyday - it is very important to me and Stephen totally doesn't get it). I love beds even more that are well decorated. This bed looks so put together and so cozy! Now I know I won't ever have a bed that looks like this - Stephen thinks the amount of pillows we have now are too much plus we definitely don't need more blankets in Florida - but I can dream.

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  1. Our husbands sound alike as far as making the bed. I make ours everyday and my husband always says "What's the point if you're just going to get back in and mess it up?" But it makes me just feel calmer and everything looks more put together. And we have about six throw pillows on it too which drive him nuts lol!

  2. I love a well decorated bed, too! Except we DO need all of the blankets up here in Michigan now that it's cooling off, haha! Love that hair pic as well - I've been considering chopping mine to that length but am so nervous I'll regret it as soon as I do it!

  3. I have never etched any dishes, but love the idea!! You will have to do a tutorial one day to teach us how lol! It's a very cute idea!! My hair is the exact same way. Whenever I try to curl it, it comes out tight curls and I end up looking like Shirley Temple! I lucked out on Matthew agreeing to make the bed. I usually make it during the week as he gets up and leaves before I do but on the weekends he makes it up sometimes without me even having to ask! I love a clean and made bed, it just starts my day out better.

  4. Love that idea of how to roll sleeves! That bed is awesome! I can't stand not to have my bed made.

  5. Those details about how to roll the sleeves are such perfection!