Monday, June 8, 2015

Stephen and I had a great weekend - it was very productive and yet nice and relaxing. After work on Friday, we didn't do too much which was great after a long a busy week. We planned on sleeping in on Saturday but that didn't happen; I was up and ready to go by 8:30 am. We spent the whole morning cleaning and getting our apartment in order which was great!

Saturday evening we headed out to do some window shopping and attend an Ethan Allen book release party. The party was interesting (filled with singers and dancers) and I'm pretty sure we were the youngest people in there, but it was fun and we got a free copy of their new design book which I will gladly use as a coffee table book.

I had to appreciate the personalization on the bags

The dancer... not going to lie, it was a little awk

After the Ethan Allen experience, we ran over to Melting Pot for dinner. It was delicious and we were stuffed - we didn't even get cheese or dessert!! Next time, we'll go for just dessert or cheese fondue.

I wanted to watch a movie after we got home so I had to laugh when I saw Jurassic Park on at least 4 different channels!! They're really promoting the new movie (Can't wait to see it on vacation in a few weeks!).

Did anyone see the ADORABLE pictures Kate took of Prince George and Princess Charlotte?! So stinking cute!!! His socks are just too much!

I also realized this weekend that our 2nd anniversary is quickly approaching and I haven't even thought of what to get Stephen! I'd like to stick with the traditional gift of cotton but I'm not sure what to get. I want something sentimental but not too expensive. I'd love to hear some of your gift ideas!!

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  1. Melting pot looks delicious! The photos of the royal babies are just adorable!

  2. Decorate a glass jar, fill it with cotton balls, and hide something inside...gift card, etc. :)

  3. the book release party sounds like it was fun!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! I don't have any good gift ideas; I'm always stumped as to what to get my husband.

  5. I love those new pictures of the royal babies! They are so cute! And I've never been to Melting Pot but those pictures look delicious!

  6. Such a perfect date night on Saturday! The pictures of George and Charlotte are precious! Xo, Stephanie