My Favorite Things Linkup: My List

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Either I dropped the ball or didn't want to do two posts in one day but I had to participate in April's Second Annual My Favorite Things Linkup. Today everyone is sharing their Christmas wish list, next will be stocking stuffers then gifts for the family. Without further adieu here are some of the things I'm asking for this year.

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1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Phone - Currently I have a Galaxy S3 and it's pretty much on it's last leg of life so I'm going to cash in my upgrade and get the new S5. I am so excited! I'm probably most looking forward to the camera on the phone being SO much better than my current phone (hopefully the pictures on my blog will be a lot better).

2. Kate Spade Galaxy S5 Case - I love me a cute phone case and it's Kate Spade? Double win. They have a ton of other cute cases as well but this black and white stripped one is my favorite.

3. Old Navy Quilted Tweed Vest - Y'all better believe that when the entire Old Navy store will be 50% off, I'll be getting lots of great goodies from there. I want to monogram this as well with a black stitch - hopefully it'll work since the vest is more on the thick side.

4. Gold Bracelet - Okay, not going to lie - this weekend Limited was having 50% off all full priced items so I snagged this bracelet already. I promise it's in a box and won't be opened till Christmas ;)

5. New Sunglasses - I would love to get some Ray Bans but I personally can't spend that much money on something that can break so easily, so I will be looking at the sale racks for some new aviators. I currently have a great pair of Fossil ones that I found for $15 but the paint is chipping so it's time for some new sun glasses.

6. New Sneakers - I'm still not sure what kind exactly I want, but I know it's time to replace my holey ones. These Nike ones are adorable with the leopard print and currently are on sale. If I don't find any during Black Friday, I might have to snag these.

7. Old Navy Plaid Shirt - I've been seeing a ton of cute outfits incorporating plaid shirts and Old Navy has a huge variety of great plaid shirts. I will definitely be pushing and shoving the other Black Friday shoppers to get my hands on one ;)

I really enjoyed seeing everyone's lists! It's neat to see the differences in styles and wants this holiday season. Can't wait to see everyone's stocking stuffer ideas next week!


  1. Ray-Bans are definitely worth the money! That's a great pick for your list. My iPhone5 is on its last leg. I can't wait to get a new one in December! xo

  2. I love the shirt AND the vest!! I feel like I am the only person in the world without a plaid shirt haha :(

  3. Finally getting to go through the link up and see what others posted... I have that exact phone case for my iphone and I LOVE it!! And do you prefer polarized sunglasses? Like you mentioned, Ray Bans are expensive, but there is a brand called Sun Cloud that you can find at a surf shops that carry good-quality polarized sunglasses in the $50 range. They have some cute aviators!

    1. Thanks for your sunglasses suggestion! I'll have to look into those. Glad to hear you love your cell phone case before buying one!