Monday Rambles

Monday, November 3, 2014

I cannot believe October and November is actually here!! This year has been flying by! I swear it gets faster and faster every year and I've heard it's even worse when you have kids. I need to make sure that I slow down over the upcoming holiday season and enjoy every day and not wish for the next event to come sooner. 

On Nov 1st, the Lord blessed us with the most amazing fall/winterish weather. Even though there were like hurricane force winds, it was cold outside for the first time this season. I broke out my sweater, jeans and boots and loved every minute of wearing them! I really hope this weather stays around, especially for the holidays! 

Beautiful weather and winter clothes warranted a selfie

Since it is now officially November, I had to change my chalkboard for Thanksgiving! I made a few different chalkboards for my wedding using large picture frames from Ikea and chalkboard spray paint. For my wedding, I used chalkboard pens and not traditional chalk so there is still an "imprint" of what I wrote for the wedding. I'm too lazy to spray paint it again so let me know if you know of any other ways to get rid of the imprint. I wish I had better chalkboard decorating skills, but I was pleased that I didn't have to redo this board a few different times.

Here's my last random thought for the day - Kirkland's had 75% off all Harvest and Halloween decorations so I had to run down there during lunch and see if they had anything good. Most of everything was picked through but I did find myself 2 good finds for only $5! I was so excited to find the little mason jar block (last one left!) and it was only $1.50. Anyways, if there's a Kirkland's near you, check it out and see if there's any fall things left to snag at amazing prices. Be careful, they're getting all their Christmas decorations out and you'll want to buy everything.

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