Five on Friday

Friday, December 9, 2016

It feels good to be back for another Five on Friday linkup! This weekend is looking jam packed but I'm super excited - a birthday party tonight, Disney tomorrow, a work Christmas party tomorrow night and filling Premium Pineapple orders on Sunday. Even though we have a great weekend planned, there's a high threat Stephen will end up working the weekend again.... so now it's looking like literally every weekend in December which sucks so bad (it wouldn't be as bad if he got paid for all of this overtime work). I feel like our Christmas season is slipping right out from underneath us :( Anyways, sorry for that rant - onto more cheerful things!

A few of us at work have been talking for a few months about doing a cookie and clothing exchange one evening after work. We were able to have it this past Tuesday and it was so much fun! We all brought appetizers, a plate of cookies and any clothes/accessories we didn't want anymore. Our sweet host made a recipe book of all the cookie recipes for each of us to have and got all of us adorable plates to take our new cookies home in. As for the clothes portion, the idea was to "shop" each others closets which worked out so well! I found some great shorts and a J Crew button down that I plan on monogramming the sleeve. We had so much fun - this is a tradition we'll definitely have to continue!

So sorry for the blurry picture but I had to share how many clothes were there!

Every year I like to make a little Christmas goodie for my co-workers. This year I made some White Trash and put it into little bags for Stephen and my co-workers. The recipe is SOOO easy - literally, a bag of pretzels, a box of rice chex cereal, a bottle of peanuts, a bag of Christmas m&ms and melted white chocolate. Mix all of the ingredients together and then stir in the melted white chocolate. Coat and lay out on wax paper to solidify. This recipe made so much - 25 mini bags and 2 full Tupperware containers.

For another one of my groups at work, I made them Christmas Toll House Cookies and received a request for more so I will be baking again this weekend lol I also used some from that batch for our mailman and the cookie exchange.

On top of the baking recipes above, here are some other things I've been cooking these past few weeks for Christmas parties:

For our Christmas potluck brunch this year, I made cinnamon roll french toast bake which was delicious and so easy to make! It was completely gone by the time I went to grab my casserole dish at lunch.

For our Christmas get together last Friday, I was tasked to bring a drink so we brought Rudolph punch which was SUPER easy and delicious (ginger ale and cranberry juice).

For tonight's birthday party, I took on the task of making a gluten free dessert (the birthday girl is GF) and I decided on these fudgey peanut butter brownies. It was super difficult to find a GF dessert that didn't have too many steps and odd ingredients. These brownies look delicious and fairly easy to make so hopefully they turn out delicious!

I was so surprised to find the most perfect Christmas gift from my friend, Madison, on my desk last week. She got me a beautiful pineapple ornament which is perfect because #1 I love pineapples and #2 I opened my embroidery business this year which is called Premium Pineapple Embroidery - so appropriate!

If you missed it this week, I shared 2 fun Christmas collaborations! The first one was our Christmas cards with Tiny Prints

And the second one was a fun, Christmas phone case with CaseApp!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! Only 1 more weekend until Christmas!


  1. I LOVE White Trash! Seriously, I could eat it all myself. All of your food goodness is making me hungry at 6:45 a.m. ;)

  2. That totally stinks about Stephen having to work so much! Don't feel bad about ranting, I get frustrated when Jared gets called in too especially when it's in the middle of the night or if we already have plans. What a fun clothing swap idea! I love that your friend got you that ornament too - so sweet!

  3. I love that pineapple ornament. It looks like you have been busy! Jess at Just Jess

  4. Making white trash ASAP! Omg my mouth is watering thinking about it

  5. LOVE the cookie and clothing swap idea!!!! Such a great idea! White trash is one of my favorite Christmas goodies every year!!!! I need to make some this week!!