Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Phew, I can't believe we made it through the weekend in one piece! It was super busy and stressful at times but we were able to have fun and burn off some of the stress. On Friday, Stephen was able to got off work in time to meet me at our friend's apartment for a fun Christmas/chili party. We loved finally getting to catch up with everyone. We stayed pretty late then headed home so Stephen could get ready for work the next day.

Originally on Saturday, we were supposed to go to a baby shower in Orlando, then get our Disney passes and spend the day at Epcot, then head over to Stephen's company party at Universal but Stephen ended up having to work. I was really bummed we missed out on the shower and Disney but it was really good for me to stay home and get things done that I had been really stressed out about. I was able to run errands, get our Christmas cards mailed out, get our stockings embroidered (until the software wasn't compatible on my new laptop and I couldn't embroider anymore) and finish other odds and ends.

We were unsure if Stephen was going to make it home in time to go to the Christmas party but he finished up right before we needed to leave. We were both on the fence about going since we both had rough days but in the end, we decided to go and were so glad we did! The party itself was alright, they had a Jersey Boy's impersonation group which was funny but the night seemed to be rushed. Our friends mentioned going to City Walk after and I was really glad Stephen was up for going after running on not much sleep.

We had an absolute blast at City Walk! I have never been down there for night activities but knew they had a few bars and clubs. We love dancing and thankfully our friends wanted to go too! We found a dance bar and made it in before they started charging cover. We had the best time dancing for a few hours and left around 11:30 (we weren't grandparents for once ;)).

Our alarm for church went off too early but we rallied and did our usual, church and Publix. After getting home, Stephen fixed my embroidery program so I was able to finish a fun stocking order. I also made cookies for our cookie exchange on Tuesday and we finally watched a Christmas movie with hot chocolate!

I hope everyone else had a great weekend!!


  1. Those stockings that you did are darling! Such a fun weekend!

  2. Your weekend sounds as crazy as ours was!! Love the stockings you did! It's so hard to rally at night after a long day but sometimes if I make myself I'm glad later too :) Glad you all had fun!